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The Government
Of The El Empire

Below is a back story description of the government in my fictional El Empire.  If you are interested in my view of civil government in the real world read: What Is The Biblical Style Of Civil Government?

In the year 4526 the El Empire was formed as three planets entered into a covenant, called the El Covenant, to unite and rule their worlds using the Book of El as their constitution with the Moral Laws of El being the Base Law on which all other laws are simply practical applications of the Base Law.  Any law in contradiction to the Base Law is invalid.

The El Empire has since grown to include thousands of planets - or in some cases only specific countries on a planet.  Each planet or country is a voluntary member agreeing to live by the El Covenant.  Each planet or country contributes taxes of about 1 % of the taxes collected to the maintaining of the El Empire, its military protection, interplanetary police forces and the over all justice system, although they are self-governing with their Application Laws.

The main control the El Empire has over its member planets/countries is too pursue, capture and try interplanetary criminals or as the final court of appeal if someone is challenging an Application Law as a violation of the Base Law and is not able to resolve it on a local level.  The Emperor is also able to declare war or make peace with any country, planet or association of planets [like the Tricot Empire] which is a threat to the security of the El Empire and/or its member planets/countries.  All member planets/countries are required to support such initiatives.

A planet or country may request admittance into the El Empire by its governmental authority [whatever form that takes in individual cases] OR by a 75% vote of the adult population.  To join the El Empire an applicate must pledge to live by and uphold the El Covenant.  Citizens of member planets/countries are eligible to apply to work in the government of El Empire, to serve in its military or in its police and justice services.  To withdraw from the El Empire requires BOTH the request of withdrawal by the governmental authority and a vote by 60% of the adult population.

The symbol of the El Empire is two semi-transparent hands holding the stars and planets of the Empire.

The Emperor

The El Empire is ruled by an Emperor from the royal city of Royiana.  The Emperor usually holds the position for life unless he or she chooses to retire or is removed for Just Cause.  The office of Emperor is normally inherited by the oldest son or daughter, but this is by no means guaranteed and must be confirmed by the Council Of The Twelve.

The Emperor has full control over making Application Laws and any activities concerning the El Empire.  He or She is also the final court of appeal of the Justice System.  The Emperor has a court of advisors who are experts in various aspects of Law, the Military, Policing, and the Court System.  The only appeal over the Emperor is a challenge that his or her action or decision is in violation of Base Law.  This is a serious charge and is presented to the Council Of The Twelve for a final decision.

An Emperor can choose to retire at any time.  The Emperor can be removed from office for Just Cause by a 75% vote of the Council Of The Twelve if it is determined that the Emperor has become physically or mentally unable to competently govern, it is determined that the Emperor has rejected the faith of El, or if the Emperor is deliberately and unrepentantly in violation of the Base Law.

If the Emperor is not removed for Just Cause, he or she is able to name their successor, often the oldest son or daughter, but not necessarily.  This recommendation is give high importance, but must be confirmed by the Council Of The Twelve after an investigation to determine if the recommended individual is competent and eligible to be the Emperor.

In order to qualify as a potential Emperor candidate the person must have all the following qualities:

a.  must prove through knowledge and action that they are a committed Eler,

b.  must have a through knowledge of Base Law and Application Law as it relates to the Empire,

c.  must be competent to govern, and

d.  must not be or have been a member of the Council Of The Twelve.

The Council Of The Twelve

The Council Of The Twelve consists of:

1.  The Military Commander,

2.  The Police Commander,

3.  The Court Commander,

4.  The Knight Commander,

5.  The Interplanetary Relations Advisor

6.  The Base Law Advisor

7. - 12.  High Officials in churches following El.

All 12 members must meet and maintain the first three qualifications of being an Emperor in their personal and professional lives.  

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