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      Amazing State

      By Marlyn Marshall

      Amazing State! Spread wealth around
      To save a sloth like me!
      I once was poor, but now I've found
      My trade: Equality.

      'Twas welfare taught me work to fear,
      The same my fears relieved;
      How precious did that State appear,
      Whose wealth have I received?

      Thro' many stranger's toils, their shares
      Mine own have now become;
      Their work hath paid my way so thus far,
      'Twill pay beyond my tomb...

      As we've spent thousands o'er the years,
      State-son begets state-son;
      We've no more fat funds to raise,
      We're paupers everyone.

      Healing Our World, although not a Christian book, is one of the best and easy-to-understand books on how the government and private sector really work.  Even though I don't agree on all points, I highly recommend everyone get a copy and read it.  It will open your eyes to the common sense of reality and the pain and suffering caused by socialistic states.

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