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This is a page of Christian quotes by subject.  Enjoy and share these words of wisdom with your friends on Pinterest, Facebook and else where.  These are unique in that we have made them here at Free Bible Study Lessons.  You will not find them anywhere else!  If you click on a picture, it will enlarge and also allow you to scroll through the rest of the pictures.  Some pictures could be classified under more than one subject, they are; however, only listed once.  Be sure to browse!  Click on the subject below if you want to go directly to the Christian quotes for that subject: Biblical LawChristian Life, Civil Government, CreationGrowing Spiritually, Jesus, Kingdom Of GodLiving In Victory, Motivation, PeacePraise And WorshipPrayerRelationship With Jesus/God, SalvationSharing The GospelSin,  

Note: When a subject has twelve or more quotes it receives its own page linked to from this page.  This allows you to quickly scroll through those quotes only.

Biblical Law

Christian Life

For the complete list of Christian Life quotes, Click Here.

Civil Government


Growing Spiritually


Kingdom Of God

Living In Victory



Praise And Worship


Relationship With Jesus/God

Return Of Jesus


Sharing The Gospel


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