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As Christians our first allegiance is to King Jesus and the Kingdom of God which is a spiritual reality. The First Century Christians died because they would not say, "Caesar is Lord." Instead they, and others like them down through the ages including today, have laid down their lives rather than compromise the Lordship of Jesus Christ. They knew that only God has the right to rule in the kingdoms of men. All the kingdoms of this world are to be brought under the rulership of King Jesus.

This can only happen as the Holy Spirit moves on the hearts of men, women, and children and draws them into relationship with Jesus Christ. Ours is not a violent revolution (except for the violence done to Christians by the enemy] but a revolution of love. Love can withstand hate if it does not run...or compromise.

In countries which were once Christian and are now being overrun by humanism, political action can be valid as we seek to keep and restore the freedoms we have left. The danger is that we see political action as the answer to the problem. It is Satan?s fantasy that Might makes Right. Jesus Christ is the answer. Solutions are found in the Word of God and prayer. Nations where the majority of people love and serve God is the goal.

So, while politics is not ultimate answer, it is; nevertheless, and important area for Godly people to be involved in. Without going to extreme, we need to stand up and be counted. We need to support Godly [not just Christian in name] men and women for office. We need our voices to be heard on the issues of our day. Is this the generation where the tide of humanism?s onslaught will be turned? Or will we turn our heads and go under?

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