Truth Quest

And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do... 1 Chr. 12:32

These are challenging times and a big part of our challenge is our quest for Truth. Who is telling the Truth about current events? Can we believe Big Government and the Mainline Press? The "official" stories of the tragedies of Sept. 11/01 and other current events often leave much to be desired. They raise more questions than they solve [Ps. 2]. Things are made even worse by explanations of so-called Bible teachers who twist Scripture to fit their personal doomsday visions of Anti-Christ, one world government, etc.

It is important to view different sides of these issues and then weigh the facts. Who is telling the Truth? The sites listed below give points-of-view that differ from the "official" stories we are often fed. Governments - including "free" countries like Canada, USA, and Britain - often have secret agendas far different from the image they present to the public. The public is told [lied to] whatever is necessary to get the support necessary for the hidden objective.

Why is this Quest for Truth important? IF the official stories we are being told are false, then we are allowing our western governments to engage in mass murder, terrorism, invasion of privacy, etc. If we do not speak out, then we are condoning their actions and the blood is on our hands as well.

What ought we to do? The first thing, of course, is prayer. The second, is to research the facts with an open mind to discover the Truth no matter how unpleasant. Third, after we have discovered the Truth, we have to decide what is the proper, Biblical response. Fourth, we must be careful not to become consumed with pursing these things. The best way to fight the darkness is always to turn on a light. Our prime responsibility is to live our lives in honesty and integrity before God. God may use us to bring hidden things to light, but always our lives should be a light [Eph. 4:6-15]. Children of Issachar stand up and be counted!

Please note that Free Bible Study Lessons and The Joshua Club do not condone or agree with everything on these sites. These sites are presented only as reseach sites. You must decide for yourself how much is valid.

Truth Quest Links

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