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Below are little drops of wisdom by different authors about various life situations or Bible instruction. Some are funny, some are serious, all make a point.

Afraid To Die
Amazing State

Applying Your Faith

Bible Quotes

This page is excerpts from the writings of Godly men and women.  We can draw from their wisdom to build our lives. #christianlife #wisdom #christianity #bibleteaching

Call To Separation, The

Characteristics Of A Rebellious Child Of God

Christian Discipline

The Christian Home
Christ's Transfiguration
Comfort For Persecuted Christians Facing Death
The Creation Of The World

Deceitfulness Of Sin
Desire God Above All Things
Differences Between Praise And Worship

Difficulties In The Bible

The First Temptation Of Christ
Footprints In The Sand II

God's Prescription For Mental Health

Importance Of Studying Doctrine

Indiscreet Importunity
Inspirational Bible Verses
Is Laissez-Faire Economics Christian?

The Lame Man At The Temple Gate

Naaman Cured

Never Be Embarrassed By The Bible
New Birth

Powers Of Good
Prayer Of Repentance
Principles Of The Covenantal Church

Scissors Of Sanctification, The
Secret Of Feeling Attractive To God, The
Shame On Account Of God's Displeasure
Should We Teach Morality?
Spiritual Needs Or Physical Needs: Which Do We Meet First?
Stations On The Road To Freedom

The Truth About The Crusades
The Truth About The Flat Earth
The Truth About The Slave Trade And The Church

Understanding Biblical Symbols And World View                                                                                         

The Uses Of The Law

The Value Of Wisdom

We, Pencils

What Is Holiness?
Who Am I?

Wrong Idea Of Sin, The

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  • Jesus Is The Only Way To God

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  • No Neutrality

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  • The Meaning Of Life?

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  • Excuses For God

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