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AI Usage
On Free Bible Study Lessons
And Glenn Davis Books

AI has become a popular and controversial subject.  Distinguishing between human and AI-generated content is challenging.  One or two churches have had an AI-generated figure preach an AI-generated message.  The animal rights group, PETA, used AI to insert a dog into the Biblical story of Abraham and Sarah.  Undoubtedly, such abuses will continue and grow.  I wanted to clarify the position I take on using AI on my two websites: www.free-bible-study-lessons.com and www.Glenn-Davis-Books.com.

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What Is AI?

AI robot writing at a desk

Basically, AI is a complicated computer program that analyzes data.  The user gives the program a ‘prompt’ requesting some kind of information, and the AI analyzes its vast amount of data and returns an answer in its own words.  Depending on the prompt, it can be a few sentences to an entire article [or book].  The results can be amazing - or inaccurate.  Artwork AI does the same thing.  It analyzes art and combines it in a unique way to return what it ‘thinks’ the prompter wanted.  Again, the results can be amazing - or weird, as people sometimes appear with three legs!  AI can also use its vast data to predict what will come next.  This may be a great help in scientific research and other areas.

AI does not and can never have original thought.  All it can do is combine data that already exists in unique ways.  The resulting writing or artwork has never been seen before, but it is not truly original.  It is based on the data accessed.  The same prompt can produce different results each time depending on the data accessed at that point in time.  Like many things, this can be used for good or evil. 

How Do I Use AI?

AI robot in library

Between my two sites, I have written almost 1,000 pages before AI became a ‘thing.’ AI will never be writing complete articles on my sites; however, it may be used in a research or editorial capacity.  It is an excellent tool if used properly. Any time AI is used to help with an article, you will see it noted at the bottom of the article.  More frequently, I use AI art as I am not an artist, and it offers more variety than stock photos.  Any artwork drawn by AI is identified in the mouse-over feature.  Run your mouse over the artwork for a pop.  

If you are looking to build your own website and harness the legitimate power of AI, I suggest Solo Build It.  It is a powerful web business builder and has developed its own system for accessing Open AI's Chat programs with detailed instructions on how to get the best out of it.  [See disclaimer above.]

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