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For The Hurting

This is a growing list of organizations - most of which are Christian-based - which minister and help people in various needs, struggles and traumatic situations.  Most of these resources are offered free of charge.   

If you know of a national or international organization that would be of benefit to our readers, you are welcome to submit their web address on our contact page for consideration.  Likewise, if you have a genuine reason why a resource we have listed should not be here, let us know.  

Ideally you should be able to find help in a local Christian church, but sadly this is not always the case.  May our Lord Jesus Christ, Who loves and values each person, surround you with His protection and wrap His arms of love around you in your time of need and always.

Gender DysphoriaHuman Trafficking, Pregnancy, Prisoners/Ex-Prisoners, Porn Addiction, Sexual AbuseSingle Parents, Social Media AddictionUnwanted Same-Sex Attraction

Common Sense Promo

Alcohol And Drug Addiction

North America

Teen Challenge

Gender Dysphoria

Transgender To Transformed

Sex Change Regret

Human Trafficking


Human Trafficking Hotline - 1-888-373-7888

Darling Princess, The

Eve’s Angels

Broken 2B Healed


Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline - 1-833-900-1010 - Website


Exodus Cry

Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution

Operation Underground Railroad 

For a free online course by ACAMS focusing on finding the financial footprint of traffickers, click here.



Pregnancy Care Canada

Online Care

Campaign Life Coalition


OptionLine - 800-712-HELP or text HELPLINE to #313131

LifeCall - 800-662-2678 or text SHELTER to #313131


HeartBeat International




Prison Fellowship - Note this site is more for those wanting to be involved in this type of ministry; however, you could always contact them by their listed address to see what is available for you.

Porn Addiction

XXX Church

Also see Dr. Jonathan Welton's book, Eyes Of Honor, available on Amazon.

Sexual Abuse [also see Human Trafficking]


Child Help Hotline

RAINN [Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network]


Child Sexual Abuse [article on Helping Survivors Site]

Helping A Child Who Has Been Sexually Abused [article on Herman Law Firm Site]

Signs Of Sexual Abuse In Teenagers [article on Herman Law Firm Site]

Single Parents


Single Moms


Teen Mother Choices

Social Media Addiction 


Social Media Addiction [article on Helping Survivors Site]

Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction


Courage International

Global Exodus Alliance International

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