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Basic Christian Life

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we want to live the Christian life in a way which pleases Jesus. Someone has said, "The Christian life is not difficult, it is impossible." We cannot live pleasing to God on our own strength. A supernatural life must be lived by the power of the supernatural Holy Spirit. However, living a supernatural, God-pleasing life does not mean throwing our brains out the window! We have to study and learn what it is that pleases God and then cooperate with the Holy Spirit working those attitudes and actions into our lives. We enter into a true partnership with God. Working together also brings us together.

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"Study and be eager and do your utmost to present yourself to God approved (tested by trial), a workman who has no cause to be ashamed, correctly analyzing and accurately dividing [rightly handling and skillfully teaching] the Word of Truth." 2 Tim. 2:15 [Amp.]

The Christian Life can only be lived by the power of the Holy Spirit.

A big part of the problem is that we all, by nature, think in the world's way. We have never developed a truly Christian world-view. We were born looking at the world upside down. But the world's way is backwards to reality. It is a fantasy world. When we are born into the God's world [i.e. spiritual birth] we enter reality.

When we accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour, we enter a new world - the world of reality - unfortunately our mind is still trained in the old world's fantasy way. Our mind needs to be re-educated. That retraining comes as we study, meditate, memorize and apply the Word of God. The articles on this page - and the other pages - present Biblical answers to various questions and situations which come up. God wants our mind and actions trained in His pathway of Christian life, not the devil's road of death. We need to develop a truly Christian world view.

"There's a way of life that looks harmless enough; look again—it leads straight to hell. Sure, those people appear to be having a good time, but all that laughter will end in heartbreak." [Pr. 14:12-13, The Message]

Understanding the Christian Life takes courage. We all have cherished beliefs that we hold on to. Looking at life from God's perspective means being willing to open our minds to what God reveals in Scripture. It means being willing to let go of any ideas and preconceived beliefs which are shown to be invalid by the Word of God. [Which means that everything you read and see on our Free Bible Study Lessons site or elsewhere must be judged by the word of God in context. If it doesn't measure up, reject it.] We are launching into a brave new world, but we hold the hand of the One Who has gone before us.

[Note: One of the major reasons why Christians have promoted literacy in history is because they wanted everyone to be able to read the Bible for themselves. If you know anyone who is struggling with reading you can direct them to our sister site: Learn To Read.]

Basic Christian Life

Introduction To Life

In our search for life we must begin by realizing that as human beings we exist in three basic areas: 1. The Physical, i.e. the body and senses,
2. The Mental, i.e. the mind, thoughts, desires, emotions, and intellect, and 3. The Spiritual, i.e. that part of us which is capable to interacting in the unseen but very real realm of the spirit.

What Is A Christian?

Interestingly, the term "Christian" was not developed by Christians themselves. It was a term put on believers in Christ by those who observed their Christian life. It may have first been used in mockery, but soon it was embraced as truly descriptive of believers in Christ.

Is The Kingdom Of Heaven Destined For Victory Or Defeat?

Many Christians hold a similar view of "victory" for the Kingdom of Heaven. They believe it will be continually bashed and tormented by Satan and his followers until Jesus physically returns to rescue it. If that is the case, can the Kingdom of Heaven - in all honesty - really be called victorious?

How Can A Good God Allow Evil People?

Before we can even begin to answer this question we have to understand what evil is and how it arrived on planet earth. To discover the answers we must journey back to the beginning...

What Is Death?

We try to avoid thinking about our own inevitable meeting with this fearful foe. But when we come right down to it: What is it? Where did it come from? Is it the end of all things or the passage from one world to another? Is there more than one kind? Whether we like it or not, we need to know these answers before our final appointment with this villain.

Are Only A Few Chosen To Be Saved?

Will the majority of people on the planet be condemned to hell? Will the love of God in the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ really have so little impact on the lives of people?

Overcoming Stress

While stress is not pleasant, it is not necessarily a bad thing. It can make a person stronger or it can break a person apart. It can draw a family together, or it can drive it apart.

God Is In Control Working Everything For Good

Before we know it the life problems can leave us lying, wounded and bleeding, in the ditch. If God is in control why do bad things happen to good people in the Christian life? Does God really care?

Responsible Lying

Isn't failure to tell the truth the action of irresponsible people trying to get out of trouble or deceive an innocent victim? Isn't it strongly condemned in the Bible as one of the things God hates? How can it be responsible to lie?

Is Christianity Prejudice?

This is a trick question designed to intimidate Christians into silence. No one likes to be looked on as prejudiced or intolerant, which is then equated with being unloving and closed-minded...

Profanity: The Spiritual Destruction Of Society

What impact does profanity have on society? Why does it increase as a society moves downward to destruction? What spiritual and physical destruction does it bring? Is there a difference between different types of swearing or cursing?

Living Guilt Free

Often when dealing with guilt we start at the wrong place. We tend to start at the middle or end of the problem - our specific act for which we feel shame...

What Is Your Meaning Of Life?

The frustrating feeling of emptiness, of uselessness or helplessness, of not doing anything important or worthwhile invades every level of society and almost every age group. Many of the problems of the youth are from a sense that life has no value or meaning...

How To Have Victory Over Sin

We start with good desires and goals, but often old sinful habits and desires rise up and we bite the dust even as we are trying to live the Christian life. We know that eating the dirt is the lot of the Serpent not a child of the Living God.

Living In An Ungodly Society

One of the problems Western Christians face is the temptation to believe they live in godly nations when the exact opposite is true. Canada, the US, and others are not Christian nations...

The Cause Of Christ

Everyone needs a cause that is greater than their life. If they don’t have it, then their life is meaningless and frustrating. One of the problems with youth boredom and getting into trouble is that no one has given them a cause bigger than themselves...

The Bible As Hate Literature

Are the charges that the Bible is hate literature true? Are certain sections of Scripture out of touch with reality and in need of revision for our modern society? Attacks on Scripture are nothing new...

Does God Show Favoritism?

God is not a racist. No one receives favoured treatment because of their ethnic background either in judgment or in position in the Kingdom of God. People from every nation are welcomed equally into the Kingdom of God...

Do Women In Leadership Contradict The Bible?

In looking at this subject, we have to be careful not to allow the norms of our society to influence how we look at the Scripture, specially at women in leadership. It is easy to accept what society says and then go to the Bible to try and justify what we have already decided to believe.

Generational Curses: What Does The Bible Teach?

Do the sins of the fathers really pass down to the children?  Is that fair and just?  Discover what the Bible really teaches on this topic and be set free.

Spiritual Warfare

You are in a war.  Discover the 9 principles of war and the weapons God has provided.  

Finding The Will Of God

Discovering God's leading and direction in the Christian life can seem mysterious and unknowable. We can feel it is like trying to follow footprints on the ocean.

Blame God For Everything!

One of the most common objections non-Christians have against Christianity is that if God is so good how can He allow all the evil in the world and the bad things that happen.  They blame God for all the bad that happens...

The Warrior And Lover

The church is compared to many things in Scripture, but two of the most common are the warrior and the lover.  

The Bible Gateway

There are two main Christian approaches to Bible Study.  Whichever Bible Gateway you enter through will greatly influence your understanding of the Bible.  It is important to enter through the correct one.

The One Deadly Sin

There is only one deadly sin.  All the other sins are simply different expressions of this one sin.

Three Things God Cannot Do

There are three things that God cannot do, and we could be very grateful that He cannot do them.

Bible Stories About Wearing Masks

Are there Bible stories about wearing masks and do they relate to our situation today?

Why Do People Fear Death?

Much of the fear surrounding the current Covid crisis is based on the fear of death.  We are afraid to die and think, even though the facts are against it, that catching Covid will bring about our death. 

The Five Gardens Of Eden

We were created in Eden and our hearts yearn for paradise.  What makes a paradise and what are the five Gardens of Eden mentioned in the Bible?

Footprints In The Sand II

Who Am I?

Powers Of Good

Poems About Christian Life

Poems About Death And Heaven

Poems About God's Word

Poems About Prayer

How To Be Like Christ

Part One: How To Become Like Christ
Part Two: How To Become Like Christ
Part Three: How To Become Like Christ

Christian Life Quotes

Discipline - The Glad Surrender by Elizabeth Elliot

Normal Christianity Quotes by Dr. Jonathan Welton

Obedience And Beyond Quotes by Rev. Andrew Picklyk

The Power Of Praise And Worship Quotes by Terry Law

Christian Quotes By Author

Christian Quotes By Subject

Quiet Talks On Prayer

Part One: Power Prayer
Part Two: Spirit Conflict
Part Three: Earth The Battlefield
Part Four: Does Prayer Influence God?
Part Five: Hindrances To Prayer: Why The Results Fail
Part Six: Hindrances To Prayer: Why The Results Are Delayed
Part Seven: Hindrances To Prayer: The Great Outside Hindrance
Part Eight: How To Pray: The "How" Of Relationship
Part Nine: How To Pray: The "How" Of Method
Part Ten: How To Pray: The Listening Side Of Prayer
Part Eleven: How To Pray: Something About God's Will In Connection With Prayer
Part Twelve: How To Pray: May We Pray With Assurance For The Conversion Of Our Loved Ones
Part Thirteen: Jesus' Habits of Prayer

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