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We have a growing website with over 600 pages.  There are several ways to find what you are looking for:

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2.  Go to the Site Map.  This lists all the pages on our website except for the Scripture Snapshots.

3.  Go to the Scripture Snapshots.  These are articles written about a specific verse rather than a topic.  They are listed by their Scriptural Reference.  It is a great way to check if we have written on a verse that you are interested in.

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5.  NEW.  You can use Bible Streams.

Study various topics with our Bible Streams.

Streams make it easy to follow a specific line of thought through the various articles and email courses we have written.  Streams flow from the life-giving River of God.  Each steam follows one overall idea, but is broken down into Brooks and Eddies.  Brooks are single articles that are easy to read or videos.  Eddies are email courses that will give on-going [durning the length of the course] insight.  It is easy to stop at any Brook or Eddy and take break, then return to that point the next day or later. [I suggest you bookmark the Bible Stream you are flowing down.]  It is best to take the Brooks and Eddies in the order they are given, but that is, of course, up to you.  God bless.

Bible Streams

Choose any Bible Stream that you would like and begin!  We will be adding new Bible Streams continually.  Note: some Brooks and Eddies may appear in more than one stream as they have more than one application.

The New Christian Stream

The Statement Of Faith Stream

The Understanding The Law Of God Today Stream

Loving Jesus Stream

Be sure to let me know of any streams you would be interested in seeing here!

Adventure story: The Disappearance of Captain Danson.

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