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Please note: Do not send requests for us to send lessons to you [unless you are missing a lesson - please check your junk folder first as some e-mail providers put random lessons there]. All our lessons are on this site. Some of them you can read on-line, others are sent via e-mail from the e-mail course page where you sign up for a course or courses. Unfortunately we are not able to send courses or Bibles by regular mail. You can read the Bible for free on-line at or you can purchase inexpensive Bibles from Bible Societies such as: International Language Scriptures - Scripture in Languages from Around the World - Click Here or American Bible Society,

We are, of course, happy to hear from you and will try to answer any questions you may have. If you are commenting on something that is written on this site, please include the name of the article or the place on the site that you were reading. If you have questions of a general nature, you can also ask them on our Discussion Page on Facebook. Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE: We will not be able to answer any emails from Jan. 12/18 to Feb. 1/18.  Any emails sent during that time will be answered after Feb. 1.  Thank you.


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