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Thank you for your interest in supporting our ministry.  I am glad it has been a blessing to you.  I pay for all the expenses of running this site and email courses from my own wages as I work in the retail business.  I, and my family, appreciate any help you can give to maintain and expand our sharing of the Word of God to build the lives of Christians and the Kingdom of God.  Please note that we are NOT a registered charity; therefore, we cannot issue tax receipts.  Thank you.

Special Note:  Your priority for giving must be your local church.  Any parachurch ministry, such as this, must be in addition to your support of your home church not a replacement of it. 

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    The Joshua Institute is designed for busy people who want to understand and apply the Word of God in their lives.

  • God's Will In This World

    If we are to discover God's will in this world, we must look at how He designed it to operate. We must study His Law.

  • Old Testament Survey

    Old Testament Survey takes a look at the writers, settings, and content of the Old Testament.

  • Presuppositions and World Views

    Presuppositions are underlying ideas that we all have but cannot prove. They colour how we look at our world. It is important to understand the various assumptions of different world views.

  • Free Bible Study Lessons

    We present free Bible study lessons via e-mail on a variety of topics. Choose your area of interest. Different levels of study are available so there is something for everyone.

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    The How To Succeed In The Christian Life course goes over the basic of developing a healthy Christian life.

  • New Testament Survey

    New Testament Survey is a free e-mail course available from www.free-bible-study-lessons.com.

  • Great Tribulation

    There are many ideas about the Great Tribulation. This 8-lesson courses looks at it with solid Biblical interpretation.

  • Death And Beyond

    A Bible study course on what Death is and what happens after we pass the final veil.

  • The 70 Weeks Of Daniel

    Discover the truth about the 70 weeks of Daniel - when they begin and when they end plus all that happens in between.

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