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Who Is Jesus

This page sponsored in loving memory of Mrs. Mary-Etta Freeman.

Who is Jesus? We live a world - even in Canada, the United States and other Western countries - where a growing number of people do not have a clue who Jesus Christ is. Their only acquaintance with Him is as a word to say when they are upset. And they never stop to think why they use the name of Jesus like that and not the name of some other religious figure.

Even many people who claim to be Christians are asking: Who is Jesus really?  Many don't know where He was born, the time in which He lived, why He had to die on the cross or other basic facts. Many young people, who consider themselves Christians, show through their beliefs and actions that they have no idea what true Christianity is all about. And, most often, it is not their fault. They have not seen true Christianity modeled by adults. Jesus has become a side Figure in a "Christian" lifestyle.

People of all ages, but especially teenagers and young adults, need something to be passionate about. It has been said, "Until you have something to die for, you have nothing to live for." In many ways this is true and it expresses itself in various attitudes and actions. Some become hopeless and settle for boredom or commit suicide. Others passionately give their lives to causes they believe in. Many times these causes are destructive not only to themselves, but also to society. Yet, they believe they are standing for good and are finding a measure of self-fulfillment in it.

They have lost - or never had - the answer to the central question of human existence: Who is Jesus to me?  Many churches today promote half-truths or out-right lies which turn off people who are seeking the Truth. If you read the Gospels [Matthew, Mark, Luke and John] you will notice that Jesus never made it easy for people to really follow Him. [He never turned anyone away, either.] He never compromised or made false promises. He was to be Saviour and Lord. Period. He was truthful about the suffering that would follow His disciples. And He Himself led the way. He was also blunt about the consequences of not accepting Him as Lord and Saviour. Most people hate Christianity not because they don't understand what Jesus taught...but because they do understand it!

"Many preachers preach to be popular, instead of preaching to change lives. Their sermons are 95 percent their own thoughts and 5 percent God's truth. And the average church member cannot tell the difference because he or she is Biblically illiterate!" Anne Graham Lotz in Just Give Me Jesus

Introducing Jesus

Who is Jesus?  Learn the Truth about His life and message to change your life.

Jesus is actually the Center of the universe. Without Him nothing would exist. Even through it is a blow to human pride, everything was made for Jesus Christ and only finds it proper meaning in relation to Him. [Everything on this site relates to Jesus in one way or another.]

For everything, absolutely everything, above and below, visible and invisible, rank after rank after rank of angels—everything got started in him [Jesus] and finds its purpose in him. He was there before any of it came into existence and holds it all together right up to this moment.  Col. 1:16-17, The Message

The only hope for the world is to rediscover Who Is Jesus. I might add, that that is also the only hope of the church. Remember, Rev. 3:20?

Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with Me. [NIV]

This was written to the church, not the ungodly! Jesus was having a hard time getting into the church - I sure He sympathizes with a lot new Christians who have a hard time getting into the church, too.

Discovering Jesus is not about theology, although that is important. We can learn all about Jesus, but life only happens when we know Jesus for ourselves. It must be a growing, intimate personal relationship or it is only dead facts.

In the following articles I would like to present to you a little bit of "who is Jesus", but I know it is meaningless unless you have met Jesus for yourself. Introduction To Life and Reality Check are good places to start if you have never met Jesus before. Otherwise enjoy the articles below [ and leave your own comments], but in the end do not ask how much you know about Jesus, ask how well you know Him. Ultimately, you must answer for yourself, Who is Jesus? Your answer will chart the course of your life.

Who Is Jesus?

Jesus Is God

Jesus is God. Those 3 little words - 10 letters - can stir the deepest emotions either of love or hatred. Some men curse those words, others have died for them.

Jesus Is Man

Some cults try to say that Jesus only looked like a man or took on a human appearance. This is not possible. Jesus had to be a real man or salvation could not happen.

Jesus Is Savior

Why do we need a Savior? Life often seems to move along naturally. We live, we work, we play, we die. Hopefully we have a reasonably happy life, what is the purpose or need of a savior? The answer to that lies in the nature of God and of reality.

Jesus Is Lord

Jesus is Lord is the primary confession of the Christian church. Countless people have been martyred over the last 2,000 years for refusing to compromise this confession.

Why Is Jesus The Only Way To God?

Some people claim there are many ways to God.  Are Christians arrogant for saying Jesus is the only way to God?

Jesus Is Glorious

Jesus is glorious - full of glory. Glory is one of those wonderful words that we "know" what it means, but it is hard to define. Soldiers sometimes fight and die for the "glory" of their country...

Jesus, Prince Of Peace

Although the term, Prince of peace, is only used once in Scripture it is at the core of the mission of Jesus to planet earth. But why is Jesus given this title? What kind of peace does He bring?

The Divine Lover

First, Christ loves His bride/church. He died to redeem her to Himself. He delights in her as a Lover enraptured with love. It is an intense love, yet He is the perfect gentleman...

What Moved Jesus To Action?

What two factors moved Jesus to action? Sometimes we picture Jesus as rushing to meet everyone’s needs and solving all their problems. A careful reading of the Gospels shows that was not so...

Was The Virgin Birth Necessary?

Jesus did not do anything simply for sensationalism. Specially at the beginning of His ministry, when most people would be seeking the most attention, Jesus often instructed people not to talk about what He had done for them. So why does God make such a big issue out of the virgin birth?

The Perfect Faith Of Jesus

As a true human being Jesus operated in perfect faith without once drawing on His Divine Nature.

The Sufferings Of Christ

Why were the sufferings of Christ necessary?  The lambs in the Old Testament - which pictured Christ - died very quickly and humanely.  Jesus did not...

Does God Experience Suffering?

We know that Jesus, as He walked the earth, felt all the pain that we do, but what about God the Father? Does He know pain and anguish? When we cry out to God in pain does He merely understand intellectually what we are going through or is there an emotional connection?

Are the Written In Red Words Of Jesus More Important Than Other Scriptures?

In some Bibles the words of Jesus are written in red. Some Christians feel that these red letters are more important than the rest of Scripture. After all, these are the actual words of Jesus, they must be more important. Is this view correct?

Afraid Of Jesus

A group of people in the Bible were terrified of Jesus.  Who were they and why were they afraid?

Life Is In The Blood

If a person or animal loses too much blood they die, but the Bible looks at it more from the perspective of life.  To lose blood is to give life.  This is the idea behind "blood brothers" and blood sacrifices.

Moved With Compassion

When you read in Scripture that Jesus was moved with compassion it was a deeply heart-felt emotion that lead to action.  It was a horror that satan had deceived people, or kept them in sickness or possessed them.  

Words Of Christ Cleanse Us

Do the words of Jesus automatically make us clean? Yes and no. If we are in the right position they can be an instant bath. If we are in the wrong position then they bounce off of us without effect.

The Mission Of God For Jesus And Us

We must remember that this life is an investment in our eternal life. Or to put it another way, this life is the seed we plant and after death we see what kind of plant it will blossom into.

Did Jesus Disrespect His Mother?

The way Jesus answered His mother at the feast of Cana sounds strange and harsh to our ears.  What did He really mean?

What Did Jesus Look Like?

Have you ever wondered about the appearance of Jesus?  How accurate are the paintings and movies we see?

Where Is Jesus Now?

Is Jesus in Heaven or does He live in our hearts or...?

Poems About God

Of course, only the Word of God gives us a complete accurate knowledge of God, but poems about God can motivate and inspire us.

What Is Jesus Like? - Video

The Beauty Of The Lord - Video

Jesus' Crazy Questions

Do You Want To Get Well?

Why Are You Crying?

Who Touched Me?

Why Are You Afraid?

What Things?

Temptations Of Christ


Man Shall Not Live On Bread Alone

Testing God


Jesus Better Than...

Who Is Jesus Quotes

Magnificent Obsession - Anne Graham Lotz

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