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By Glenn Davis

Note: You may direct your Pastor to this page.  You may also want to encourage him/her with a Pastor appreciation poem.

Dear Church Leader;

You have one of the most challenging and frustrating, but potentially rewarding “jobs” on the planet. It is our belief that the local church is the key to releasing God’s purposes in our communities and nations. Strong churches build strong families and Godly governments. 

It is our desire at The Joshua Club [i.e.] to help you.

How can we be of help?  Being a Pastor requires multitasking at a high level; however, in the specific area of teaching the Word of God we may be able to assist. Below is a list of the ways we may be able to help.

1. You are given permission to duplicate any of our courses as many times as you need to for your own teaching needs [but not to sell or distribute beyond your local church].  

2. Our free Feed Yourself course trains people in 20 lessons in the basics of how to study the Bible for themselves. As a pastor you know it is vital that Christians know how to study the Bible for themselves. You can duplicate it and run it as a course in your local church OR you can be totally hands-free, cost-free and simply recommend people take the course through our site. Build your people by training them to study the Word of God.

A message to help pastors in their role as Bible teachers.

3. We have developed an e-mail course called Rock Solid. This course takes students through the basics of Christianity covering everything from Who God Is to What Sin Is to The Second Coming to Who Are Angels, and more. They will be guided through studying these subjects in the Bible for themselves. This course will be able to be run as a course in your local church where you can easily note any areas of disagreement OR you can be totally hands-free, cost-free and simply recommend people take the course through our site.

4. Christians should be learning all the time. We have courses which will challenge everyone from New Christians to Mature Christians. You, or your designate, can teach them in your church or simply recommend them to interested persons. [Many of our courses were developed by retired Pastor LeRoy Davis.]

5. Challenge your youth or young adults with the Treasure Hunt through different books of the Bible. Let them search the Scriptures to discover the answers to 100 questions as they move from page to page to reach the final treasure page.

6. Many people struggle with reading English. One of the reasons people want to read is to read the Bible for themselves. Without that ability they must depend only on what others tell them. We can teach our Learn To Read program over the Internet [not free, unfortunately]. The average non-reader or poor reader can learn to read with 30 - 60 hours of instruction even if they have failed with other reading programs.

7. We also have a You-Tube channel with messages from various speakers for your encouragement.  There is a playlist specifically with messages for Christian Leaders.  You can check out the channel by Clicking Here.

8.  You can get our free E-book titled: Increasing Effective Ministry by clicking here.

9.  We have a Teacher's Page.  This page has our courses in PDF format so you download them immediately instead of waiting for emails to come through.  Some courses also have teacher's notes.  The cost to access to this page is a one-time fee of $10.  Just select the $10 option on the Paypal Gift button on any page then send me an email with the Paypal confirmation number.  I will then send you the password.  I am only one person but I try to respond in less than 48 hours unless I happen to be out-of-town on holidays.

10.  If you do not have an effective website or you would like to offer mail courses [ours, your own or both] on your website we can help you set it up.  We can show you to easily and inexpensively set it up "in-house" or we can manage it for you for a fee.  Contact us for details.

You can access the Teacher's Page here:  Teacher's Page.

God bless,
Glenn Davis

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