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Pastor Page

Note: You may direct your Pastor to this page.  You may also want to encourage him/her with a Pastor appreciation poem.

Dear Church Leader;

You have one of the most challenging and frustrating, but potentially rewarding “jobs” on the planet. It is our belief that the local church is the key to releasing God’s purposes in our communities and nations. Strong churches build strong families and Godly governments. 

It is our desire at The Joshua Club [i.e. www.free-bible-study-lessons.com] to help you.

How can we be of help?  Being a Pastor requires multitasking at a high level; however, in the specific area of teaching the Word of God we may be able to assist. Below is a list of the ways we may be able to help.

1. You are given permission to duplicate any of our courses as many times as you need to for your own teaching needs [but not to sell or distribute beyond your local church].  

2. Our free Feed Yourself course trains people in 20 lessons in the basics of how to study the Bible for themselves. As a pastor you know it is vital that Christians know how to study the Bible for themselves. You can duplicate it and run it as a course in your local church OR you can be totally hands-free, cost-free and simply recommend people take the course through our site. Build your people by training them to study the Word of God.

A message to help pastors in their role as Bible teachers.

3. We have developed an e-mail course called Rock Solid. This course takes students through the basics of Christianity covering everything from Who God Is to What Sin Is to The Second Coming to Who Are Angels, and more. They will be guided through studying these subjects in the Bible for themselves. This course will be able to be run as a course in your local church where you can easily note any areas of disagreement OR you can be totally hands-free, cost-free and simply recommend people take the course through our site.

4. Christians should be learning all the time. We have courses which will challenge everyone from New Christians to Mature Christians. You, or your designate, can teach them in your church or simply recommend them to interested persons. [Many of our courses were developed by retired Pastor LeRoy Davis.]

5. Challenge your youth or young adults with the Treasure Hunt through different books of the Bible. Let them search the Scriptures to discover the answers to 100 questions as they move from page to page to reach the final treasure page.

6. Many people struggle with reading English. One of the reasons people want to read is to read the Bible for themselves. Without that ability they must depend only on what others tell them. We can teach our Learn To Read program over the Internet [not free, unfortunately]. The average non-reader or poor reader can learn to read with 30 - 60 hours of instruction even if they have failed with other reading programs.

7. We also have a You-Tube channel with messages from various speakers for your encouragement.  There is a playlist specifically with messages for Christian Leaders.  You can check out the channel by Clicking Here.

8.  You can get our free E-book titled: Increasing Effective Ministry by clicking here.

9.  If you do not have an effective website or you would like to offer mail courses [ours, your own or both] on your website we can help you set it up.  We can show you to easily and inexpensively set it up "in-house" or we can manage it for you for a fee.  Contact us for details.

10.  We have an expanding page with organizations who help hurting people and people in traumatic situations.  You may want to direct people to them or access their resources for your own ministry.  Resources For The Hurting

God bless,
Glenn Davis

For Church Leaders Using Our Course With The Power Lead System 

If you would like to know how to "brand" our email  courses with your name or your Church name and offer them to your members from your own church website, click here.

If you have not yet signed up for your 7-day free trial of the Power Lead System, you can do so here.

Share Codes For Use With The Power Lead System

Feed Yourself - 184929-Feed-Youself [How To Study The Bible For Yourself]

Reality Check - 184929-reality-check [A Quick Overview Of Christianity]

Blood Covenant184929-Blood-Covenant [The Making Of A Blood Covenant]

Prayer Warrior - 184929-prayer-warrior

God's Word To You - 184929-Gods-Word

How To Know God Loves You - 184929-Know-God-Loves-You

Rock Solid - 184929-Rock-Solid

Master Life - 184929-Master-Life [Introduction To Biblical Law]

13 Points Of Love - 184929-Points-Of-Love [A Look At 1 Cor. 13]

What Does The Bible Teach About Christian Education - 184929-Christian-Education

Westminister Confession Of Faith - 184929-Confession-Of-Faith

How To Succeed In The Christian Life - 184929-Christian-Life

90 Days Of Thanksgiving - 184929-Thanksgiving

Times Of Refreshing - 184929-Times-Of-Refreshing

Old Testament Survey - 184929-OT-Survey

New Testament Survey - 184929-NT-Survey

Christian Social Theory - 184929-CST

Book Of Revelation - 184929-Revelation

Seventy Weeks Of Daniel - 184929-Seventy-Weeks

The Great Tribulation - 184929-Tribulation

Presuppositions And World Views - 184929-Presuppositions

The Love Covenants - 184929-Covenants

Theology 1 - 184929-Theology-1 [Study Of God]

Theology 2 - 184929-Theology-2 [Study Of Man And Angels]

Theology 3 - 184929-Theology-3 [Study Of Christ]

Theology 4 - 184929-Theology-4 [Study Of Salvation]

Theology 5 - 184929-Theology-5 [Study Of Death, Return Of Christ, Life After Death]

Life Of Christ 1 - 184929-Life-of-Christ-1 [Birth To Baptism]

Life Of Christ 4 - 184929-Life-Of-Christ-4 [Death And Resurrection]

Note: If you are interested in share codes for Textbook courses, please contact us.

Instructional Videos

Read the Instructions and then follow the video for a visual demonstration.  I have used the fictitious names Pastor Bob and Grace Community Church for illustration purposes.  When I enter an URL, I use my website to show how it works.

To Start

REQUIRED:  Purchase A Domain Name - You will need a Domain name inside the PLS system.  It is easier and you will be up and running faster if you purchase a domain name within the system rather than transfer one.  My suggestion is that you use the word "with" in front of your name or church name if it is available.  For example, www.withPastorBob.com or www.withGraceCommunityChurch.com.  This works very well with Sub-Domains, i.e.  Bible-Study.withPastorBob.com.  I would also recommend capitalizing the first letter of proper names to make it easier for people to read and remember.

-  Log into your Back Office.

-  Go to Websites and then Buy A Domain

-  Enter the Domain Name you want.  If it is already taken [as in the example] keep trying until you find one that is available.  Then just follow the purchase instructions.

Domain Name Video

Setting Up Feed Yourself As Your Own Course

I recommend you do the steps in order.  [This may seem like a lot of work but each video is short, plus you only have to do this once.]

NOTE:  You may not need to do all these steps.  It all depends what you want.  And you certainly do not need to complete them all in a day!  Save you work and come back to it later.

1.  Apply The Share Code.  The Share Code is what allows you to copy the Feed Yourself course [or any other course that is available] into your system without having to design and write everything yourself.

-  Copy your Share Code either from this page or the email we sent you.

-  Log into your Back Office.

-  Go to Websites and then My Sharing Codes.

-  Paste the Code in Content Shared With Me.

-  Go to Websites and confirm that the pages are there.

Share Code Video

2.  How To Make Your Emails Able To Be Edited And How To Change The Header In The Emails.  Unless you want to use the Feed Yourself emails exactly as I do, you will need to make your own copy which you can then change anyway which fits your mission.  This video has two parts: copying the emails and changing the header.  In the next video I will show you how to use a professionally designed template instead of your own header; however, you will still need to make a copy of the emails.

Make A Copy Of The Emails:

-  Log into your Back Office.

-  Go to Email/Text and then View/Edit Campaigns.

-  Select the Campaign you want to copy.  In this case it is Share Feed Yourself.

-  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Make An Editable Copy, and then enter the name of whatever you would like to call this course.

-  Scroll back down and select Share Feed Yourself again.

-  You now have your own email campaign with all my emails already in it!

Change The Header

-  Select View/Edit for the first email.

-  Click on my header to select it, then hit the delete button on your computer to remove it.

-  Select the Picture symbol [be sure your cursor is where you want the Header to appear].  Then click Browse Server.  Go to My Library and select Upload.  Click Choose File and select a Header you have already designed on your computer.  Upload Selected File.  Once it is in the system double click on it to select it.

-  And don't forget to Save Your Choices [like I did in the video!].

-  Note:  The Header must be changed in each individual email.

Copy Emails And Header Video

2a.  How To Change The Template In Your Emails

-  Log into Your Back Office.

-  Go to Email/Text and then View/Edit Campaigns.

-  Select the Campaign you created [in the example, Study The Bible].

-  Click the Full HTML Colour button and then select Christian.

-  Choose the Template you want and click Submit [it will then change all the emails in this campaign automatically].

-  Select View/Edit for the first email and delete the header [otherwise you will have both the New Template and the Header which will look awkward in your email].  Save Your Changes and move to the next email.  Repeat for each email in the series.

-  Send yourself a copy of each email to ensure all the changes were made correctly.

Change Template Video

3.  How To Edit Your Emails

-  Log into your Back Office.

-  Go to Email/Text then to View/Edit Campaigns.

-  Choose the email campaign you created and then the View/Edit of the first email.

-  You have already either replaced the Header or chosen a Template.  Now go through the email and make any changes you want to.  Delete links to my pages [if you wish] by highlighting the link and then clicking on the broken link symbol.  Add any links of your own.  Add or delete content according to what you want for your purposes.

-  Repeat for each email in the series [some emails will require a special change which we will discuss under Bible Resources below].

-  Save each email and send it to yourself to check that everything works and is how you want it to be.

Edit Emails Video

4.  How To Add A Link To Your Emails

-  Log into your Back Office.

-  Click on Email/Text and select View/Edit Campaigns.

-  Choose the campaign you created and the View/Edit for the first email.

-  Highlight the text you want linked and choose the Link symbol.

-  Enter your URL  [some require www. some don't.  If it doesn't work one way, try another.  If it still doesn't work make sure you have the correct URL and no spelling errors.]

-  Save Your Changes.  Send yourself a copy of the email and check to make sure the link works.

-  Repeat with all the emails you want links in.

Link Video

5.  Edit Your Thank You Page

This is the page that people will "land" on after they fill out the form to receive your Bible course.  You can simply re-direct them to your church website, but it is probably a good idea to have a dedicated page to let them know what to expect.  You can include a link to your website on this page as well.

-  Log into your Back Office.

-  Go to Websites and then Manage Your Sub-Domain.

-  Name this page something that will identify it so you can find it easily.

-  Click to Use Existing Webpage and make sure your Sub-Domain is showing.

-  Choose the Click Here To Make A Copy Link and then select the Thank You Page.

-  Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click Make Me A Copy.

-  Enter a Unique Title that identifies the page.  [As demonstrated in the video, if you don't have a unique name you will spend time trying to find the right page.]

-  Make any changes you want to make and Save.

-  View your page and make sure everything is how you want it.

Edit Your Thank You Page Video

6.  Change Your Sign Up Page

-  Log into your Back Office.

-  Go to Websites and then under Webpages go to Websites again.

-  Click the Click Here To Make A Copy Button, select Share Feed Yourself then scroll to the bottom of the page and click Make Me A Copy.

-  Name this page something that will identify it for you and give it a title for your visitors.

-  Create a Sub-Domain name [web page name].  This is the URL [web address] that you will give to whomever looks after your main Church website so that people on your website can sign up for this course.

-  Next select the email campaign [autoresponder] that you set up.  This will then automatically send out your emails when a person fills in their name and email on your form.  No extra work for you!

-  Now select the page you want them to go to after they fill out the form.  It is usually your Thank You page.  If you forget your page name you can click the View Page link to see which page you have selected.

-  The Description is what people will see if your site turns up in a Search Engine.  The Keywords are words you think people would by typing into a Search Engine to find sites like yours.  When you are done, Save Changes.

-  You can select any of the backgrounds listed by clicking it, or keep the background that is already there.  Your choice.

-  Next edit any of the text you want to.  [I'll show you how to replace the video in the next section.]

-  Important:  When you are done, enter your name and email in the form to make sure it goes to the correct Thank You page and also to make sure you receive the correct emails.

Change Your Sign Up Page Video

7.  How To Change The Video On Your Sign Up Page

-  Go to YouTube.  You can use any YouTube video [that gives permission to share].

-  Copy the Unique Video Identifier found after the v=.  Be sure not to copy extra letters or spaces.

-  Log into your Back Office.

-  Go To Websites then My Websites.

-  Choose your Sign Up Page and skip directly to the Edit Text section.

-  Click the Source button.  This will show you the computer programming for the page.  Look for where the YouTube video link is.  Replace the characters between embed/ and ? with the ones you copied.  DO NOT change anything else and make sure you have not added/deleted other characters or spaces.

-  View your webpage.  The new video should be there.

Change Video video

8.  How To Set Up Your Bible Resources Page.

If you want your students to come to my Bible Resource page to download their forms and view the links then you do not have to do anything.  The information is already in the emails.  If you prefer to have them strictly on your own site, then follow these directions.

-  Set up a folder on your computer to hold all the Bible Study forms.

-  Go to my website [www.free-bible-study-lessons.com], select Email Lessons, then choose Feed Yourself and scroll down to the Bible Resources link.  Click the link and enter the password: feed yourself.

-  Click on the first form and download it into your folder.  Repeat until you have downloaded all the forms.

-  Log into your Back Office.

-  Select Websites and then Mange Your Sub-Domains.

-  Create a Sub-Domain for this page.

-  Choose:  Click Here To Create Your Own Webpage, then With A Custom Template, followed by That Does Not Use An Opt-In Form.

-  Choose the Template you want.  I recommend the Easy Sales Page unless you have some experience or like experimenting.

-  Give it a Title that you want and make any edits to the text that fit your needs.

-  In order to link to a PDF file, click on the picture symbol, enter the Alternative Text [this will be what appears as the clickable link].  The easiest way is simply copy and paste the titles from my page, but you can also just type them in.  After that, click the Browse Server Button.  Go to My Library and click Upload.  Click Choose File and select the file from the folder on your computer.  Now click Upload Selected File.  You should see it in your library.

-  Double click on it.  Now click the Link Button and select Browse Server again.  Go back to My Library.  Double click on the file again and then select OK.  Your PDF link is now on your page.  Repeat for each form.

-  The hard part is done!  Now simply go to my page and copy all the text and website links then paste them onto your page.  All the links will work!  You can then delete any links you do not want and/or add any others that you do want.  Save Your Changes.

-  Now the testing phase.  View your page.  Download each form to be sure they all work correctly.  Click each website link to be sure it works and goes where it should.  If any are broken links, you can just delete them.

-  The final step is to check each email for a link to my Bible Resources page and replace it with a link to your own.  Looking at the lessons the forms are in will give you a good idea which emails need to be edited.

How To Set Up Your Bible Resources Page Video

Other Things To Do

Cancel Your Subscription

If you decide PLS is not for you be sure to cancel your subscription before your seven days are up then you will not be charged.  If you forget, you will only be able to cancel for future months.

- Log into your Back Office [for the last time].

-  Go to Accounts.

-  Scroll down to Change My Subscription

-  Click Close My Account and then Show Conformation Page [Of course, I'm not really going to do it.  PLS is too valuable for me!]

Close My Account Video

For more information about Glenn Davis see our About Glenn page and/or his Author's Page.

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