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The Joshua Institute
Of Biblical Training For Purpose

For there is nothing that we should enjoy - I use the term advisedly - so much as looking at Him [Jesus].  There is no value in all other teaching if we are not right about Him.  Essentially the vital point of all teaching, of theology, and of the whole Bible is to bring us to a knowledge of Him and into relationship with Him.  D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

The Joshua Institute of Biblical Training is designed for the busy person who hungers for the Word of God. Courses are self-study, although we are available to answer questions. For Online courses, the best way to ask questions is to put them in the comment box at the bottom of the lesson as this will help other students learn too - for the other courses send an email.  The Courses are also self-paced. No need to worry about getting behind. Work on them as you are able without the pressure of time limits. Courses have a suggested donation.  Required textbooks may be purchased here.  You may also be interested in free email courses on Free Bible Study Lessons.

A prerequisite to every Joshua Institute course is the completion of the Feed Yourself Bible Study Course

Courses that have a 'clickable' link are currently available.  Other courses [and many that are not yet listed] are being developed.  However, I work full time in a grocery store to support my family and pay the expenses of this site so the progress on new courses may be slow.  Keep checking back!  

Resources And Articles

Bible Chronology - helps to see how Bible events fit together.

Biblical Law Vocabulary - a reference guide for people, movements or obscure words used in the textbook.

The Importance Of Studying Doctrine

When Does 'All' Not Mean 'All' In The Bible?

According to the Bible, you must judge all teaching by the inspired Word of God. Telling God you were following recognized religious leaders will not be an acceptable excuse in the Day of Judgment...We must strengthen our knowledge of the Word of God so we cannot be led astray by doctrines that look like they are from God, but lack a biblical foundation. Finally, may God deliver us from blind dedication to what seemingly good men and women teach. The Word of God is our measuring rod, not the popularity of men. Rev. Judson Cornwall

Joshua Institute Courses

Click on the course name for a full description.  Some courses are done online, some are downloadable PDFs and some require a textbook.  I have colour-coded the links so you can easily tell which courses require textbooks.  And remember that the suggested donation is only a suggestion.  If, before God, you can honestly say that you cannot afford it, please take the course anyway.  I want you to be built up in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ Who loves you and gave Himself for you.


Free Downloadable PDFs

Done Online

Textbook Required

Textbook Required But Is Free


Crown Rights Of King Jesus: Biblical Law - In This World - Prophetic Victory

Scripture Foundations And Bible Training: Covenants - Foundations - Study Techniques 

Building A Solid Life - With God - With Yourself 

Note: Some of the lessons in some of the courses are long.  Remember, there are no time limits.  It is better to do two or three pages a day than to do a whole bunch, feel overwhelmed and quit.  Just take it at whatever pace you are comfortable with.  A lesson does not have to be done in one 'sitting'.

SPECIAL NOTE TO PASTORS/CHURCH LEADERS:  If you would like to offer all or some of these courses directly from your own church website, contact me for details.

Crown Rights Of King Jesus

The prerequisite for courses in this section is the completion of the Master Life course.

Biblical Law

Presuppositions And World Views

Biblical Law I

Biblical Law II

Biblical Law III

Biblical Law IV

Biblical Law V

Biblical Law VI

In This World

Christian Social Theory

Persecution And

The Christian

Practical Spiritual Warfare

Prophetic Victory

Seventy Weeks Of Daniel

Matthew 24 And The Great Tribulation

Understanding 'End Times'

Book Of Revelation I

Book of Revelation II

Scripture Foundations And Study Training

If you were a new Christian living in Rome around the year AD 200, you would have been required to do three years of schooling with an authorized teacher once a week, outside of the weekly church service, in order to be baptized...Students studied the Scriptures in-depth, and the material was heavily apologetic, instructing new believers on how Christian truth stood superior to pagan philosophy and religion.  To modern ears, this sounds rather intense.  Today, we would fear that such requirements would turn away prospective believers.  After all, there are barbeques to get to and baseball games to watch...They had to put in the time to deeply understand their faith if they were going to persevere through great hardships...They understood that in order for new believers to stand strong in a culture dominated by an opposing worldview, they needed more preparation than weekly worship and potlucks.  Natasha Crain, Faithfully Different, Kindle version


Covenants I

Covenants II

Covenants III


New Testament Survey

Old Testament Survey

Life Of Christ I

Life Of Christ II

Life Of Christ III

Life Of Christ IV

Life Of Christ V

Sermon On The Mount I

Sermon On The Mount II

Theology I: Study Of God

Theology II:  Of Man

Theology III: Glory Of Christ

Theology IV: Doctrine Of Salvation

Theology V: Death And Beyond

Study Techniques

Feed Yourself

Through New Eyes

Typology I

Typology II

Building A Solid Life

With God

The Power Of Praise And Worship

With Yourself

How To Succeed In The Christian Life

Fear Not!

Overcoming Powerful Temptations

Breaking Free


We are moving toward having a registration for each course.  The purpose for this is so that we can know how many people are taking which courses.  This will help us in the development of future courses.  There is no cost for you to register. 

After you register, you will be sent one email with the password for the course.  If you do not receive this email within an hour, then please check your spam/junk folders.  If it is not there, try registering again and be very careful to enter your email address correctly.  For new courses, the same password will unlock all the lessons.  Older courses have different passwords for each lesson.  In this case, the email will instruct you how to find the first password, and then the others will be at the bottom of each lesson.

SPECIAL NOTE:  If you have been doing a course with no password required and suddenly find you need a password to continue, go back to lesson one in that course, and you will find the registration form there.

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