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The Joshua Institute
Of Biblical Training For Purpose

The Joshua Institute of Biblical Training is designed for the busy person who hungers for the Word of God. Courses are self-study, although we are available to answer questions. The best way to ask questions is to put them in the comment box at the bottom of the lesson.  The Courses are also self-paced. No need to worry about getting behind. Work on them as you are able without the pressure of time limits. Courses have a suggested donation.  Required textbooks may be purchased here.  You may also be interested in free email courses on Free Bible Study Lessons.

A prerequisite to every Joshua Institute course is the completion of the Feed Yourself Bible Study Course

Courses that have a 'clickable' link are currently available.  Other courses [and many that are not yet listed] are being developed.  However, I work full time in a grocery store to support my family and pay the expenses of this site so the progress on new courses may be slow.  Keep checking back!


Bible Chronology - helps to see how Bible events fit together.

Joshua Institute Courses

Click on the course name for a full description.  Some courses are done online and others are downloadable workbooks in PDF.

Crown Rights Of King Jesus

The prerequisite for courses in this section is the completion of the Master Life course.

Biblical Law

Presuppositions And World Views

Biblical Law I

Biblical Law II

Biblical Law III

Biblical Law IV

Biblical Law V

Biblical Law VI

In This World

Christian Social Theory

The Christian And Persecution

Prophetic Victory

Seventy Weeks Of Daniel

Matthew 24 And The Great Tribulation

Understanding 'End Times'

Book Of Revelation I

Book of Revelation II

Scripture Foundations And Study Training


Covenants I

Covenants II

Covenants III


New Testament Survey

Old Testament Survey

Life Of Christ I

Life Of Christ II

Life Of Christ III

Life Of Christ IV

Life Of Christ V

Sermon On The Mount I

Sermon On The Mount II

Theology I: Study Of God

Theology II:  Of Man

Theology III: Glory Of Christ

Theology IV: Doctrine Of Salvation

Theology V: Death And Beyond

Study Techniques

Through New Eyes

Typology I

Typology II

Building A Solid Life

How To Succeed In The Christian Life

Fear Not!

Power Of Praise And Worship

Victory Over Lust

Breaking Free

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