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Christian Bible Lessons
On Finance

Christian Bible lessons examine the teaching of the Word of God on various aspects of life.  Money is an important part of our lives.  Our attitude toward finance reveals how we feel about life and even God Himself. Often when we think about the Bible and money we think about tithing. We feel that if we give God 10% the remaining 90% is ours to use as we please. If we think that way, we have not yet seen the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Bible in Forest With Sunlight

Jesus is Lord. Everything comes from Him and belongs to Him. If Jesus is Lord 100% of our income is His and He has the right to disperse it as He sees fit. Christian Bible lessons reveal that God has placed the management of 90% of it into our hands. If we would be true disciples, obedient in all things, then we must order our personal finances and related matters according to biblical financial principles. Anything less is not true Christianity.

Here we look at Christian Bible lessons on how God expects us to manage the money He loans us.

The Bible is a practical instruction manual. It teaches about saving, spending, debt, honesty, work, and many other things. Not only does the Bible deal with personal finance, but it also deals with the finance of nations. Often we don't think of Christian Bible lessons as talking about inflation, deficit spending, the money system, etc. but it does and much more.

It is God's plan in Biblical finance that we walk debt-free. In our society that is difficult, but not impossible. If you are already in debt, then you need to evaluate where you are. Debt consolidation can be one way of getting rid of debt. It can work IF a person does not increase their debt with additional loans. Debt consolidation becomes a trap if a person consolidates their loans before they have their spending under control. For those who have a problem with debt/spending, they need to work on a cash only basis, getting counselling if necessary, and control their spending before consolidating their loans.

The Christian Bible lessons below deal with various Biblical financial principles from a Christian world view.

Christian Bible Lessons On Money

There Is Counterfeit Money In Your Wallet!

If we are to protect ourselves from counterfeit money, we must understand what honest money is. It may sound obvious, but many people confuse fake money with real money.

Protect Your Privacy

Read this and make a copy for your files in case you need to refer to it someday. Maybe we should all take some of his advice!

How To Stop Credit Agencies From Renting Your Name

Most Americans don't know that the major personal credit-rating agencies are allowed to rent the names and telephone contact information of everyone in their files, which probably includes you. This is a major source of names and phone numbers for telemarketers and banks that are promoting credit cards through direct mail.

The Tithe: A Great Test

God tests us - not for His own knowledge - but so that what is really in our hearts can be revealed. We can deceive ourselves and others until the test comes - then it is all out in the open. No more secrets!

Tithing And Offering

What God requires us to do is for our own benefit, not God’s benefit. God does not really need your money or mine, but money is a good area in which to test our hearts.

Why Do Many Christians Struggle Financially?

This question of suffering financially is important for Christians. After all, if Christianity is true, if God owns everything, if He is love, if He is the God of all provision, why do many of His precious children struggle in under lack of finance and/or debt?

A Wise Plan In This World

This "rascally agent" or "unjust steward" [KJV] is hardly a person to be commended. He was a thief and a swindler. Yet, in the parable of Jesus, his master praised him. Why? It certainly wasn't for his dishonest actions.

Debt Reduction Course by Dr. Gary North

If you are a Christian who wants deliverance from debt, you have come to the right place.  

Biblical Finance
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