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Christian Social Theory

Christian Social Theory is the science of studying the Bible to discover how God intends this world to operate and then implementing His design.  We admire God's design in the beauty of nature, the vastness of space and the intricacies of the human body.  But our God is not limited.  He designed how God-to-human and human-to-human relationships work in all their variety.  His perfect plan includes economic, justice, educational, and political systems, etc.   It covers every facet of human existence.  

“...the Most High is sovereign over the kingdoms of men and gives them to anyone he wishes.” Dan 4:25

Christians should no longer be fooled into operating in the narrow, so-called “spiritual” part of life. God is Spirit, and He is the Creator/Owner of everything. Everything is spiritual and under the direct authority and command of the Lord Jesus Christ. To claim otherwise is to be a rebel against reality. To say that there is an area of life that is outside the care and authority of God is to say God is limited and someone else is supreme in that area[s]. Scripture opposes such satanic ideas.

Bible in Forest With Sunlight

Yet, Christians cannot simply go out and try to establish their own agendas or personal prejudices. We must submit ourselves to the Holy Spirit as we study the Word of God and pray to discover God’s agenda and will.

Christian Social Theory applies Biblical Law to our current world.

We must be willing to set aside our preconceived ideas to establish the Kingdom of God in this world before the Second Coming. Some cherished beliefs will have to fall. Only God’s way will work.  It is our responsibility and delight to study the Word of God to discover the treasures He has placed in it.  We need the power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit to uncover the principles that God has built into His universe and how to correctly apply them in every aspect of life.  We need to be building on the revelation of God to past generations, developing it further and passing it all on to future generations.  We need to be long-term thinkers and planners.  The great cathedrals were built by people with a vision for the future, and we also need a vision for the future of life on earth before the return of Christ.

The Kingdom of God is bigger than the Church. While the Church has a central role, the Kingdom of God is God’s rule over every area of life. Jesus Christ is King of kings not just King of pastors or King of Christians.  All of life - including how nations are governed and the laws passed - must be submitted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, or else we stand condemned as rebels.

Foundations Of Christian Social Theory

Christians who reject the Law of God will never build long-term Biblical systems, for they reject the tools God gave them.  Their refusal to take the Word of God seriously at this point has ruined lives and decimated countries.  Instead of developing Christian Social Theory, if they are consistent with what they say they believe, they often turn to escapism and fantasy.

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Take the Free e-mail course, Master Life, to discover the principles of Biblical Law and how Biblical Law works in today’s society.

We also have a detailed course on Biblical Law using the textbook: Institutes Of Biblical Law.  Check it out here.

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Roles And Limits

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What Does The Bible Teach About Christian Education? is a Free e-mail course you can take.

Economics/Business/Money Systems

woman shopping in fruit market

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crime scene tape

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Quotes from Liberating Planet Earth by Gary North

Resources For Hurting People

For more details on Christian Social Theory see the books on Biblical Law below.

You can also check out the many free books on this subject by various authors on Gary North's Free Books.  The link to that site can be found on this page.

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