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America In Bible Prophecy?

This chapter in The Book Of Signs has a lot of good information.  Dr. David Jeremiah correctly sees why America [and Canada] have been so blessed by God.  God is in control of history.  He does have a plan for each nation as well as each individual.  America [and Canada] have been blessed for most of the reasons listed in this chapter.  That does not, however, mean that we can find America in Bible Prophecy.  Even Dr. Jeremiah admits: 

It seems clear that God does have a plan for America. It is true that we have no direct reference to that plan in the Old or New Testaments, but that does not discount the fact that God has a sovereign purpose for America in His redemptive plan.  Jeremiah, David. The Book of Signs (p. 58). Thomas Nelson. Kindle Edition. 

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Indeed, no specific mention of the United States can be found in the Bible.  Jeremiah, David. The Book of Signs (p. 63). Thomas Nelson. Kindle Edition. 

Too bad he did not stop there.  Instead, he goes on to try and explain why America is not included in the Dispensational view of end times prophecy.

america in bible prophecy

America In Bible Prophecy:
Why Has America Been Blessed?

These are the reasons given in the book for America being blessed by God.

1.  “America Has Been The Force Behind World Missions”

I agree that America [along with some other Western nations] has been a driving force behind world missions.  It seemed to be launched more in Britain, but America has come to the forefront of world missions.  The Church in America has been very generous and self-sacrificing.  God has rewarded this by pouring out blessings on the nation.

2. “ America Has Been A Friend To The Jewish People”

This is the only point in this section that I disagree with.  It represents the standard Dispensational view that the Jews are a separate people of God, loved because of their nationality.  Just as a point of detail:  In the verse referenced [Gen. 12:3] God promises to bless those who bless Abraham, not Israel in general.

When the Jewish nation crucified Jesus Christ and then, as a nation, refused to repent, they lost any and all physical promises that were made.  God has a plan and a purpose for every nation.  Israel today stands as a nation among nations, not as a nation above nations in the purposes of God.  No one or country receives blessings or curses from God because of their relationship to national Israel.  

Jesus Himself said that they would be left desolate because of their rejection of Him.

“O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing!  See! Your house is left to you desolate;  for I say to you, you shall see Me no more till you say, ‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!’ ”  Matt. 23:37-39, NKJV

america Bible light

3.  “America Has Been A Free Nation”

In my study of Scripture, I have observed that the principles of freedom are united with the tenets of Christianity.  Jeremiah, David. The Book of Signs (p. 60). Thomas Nelson. Kindle Edition. 

I am in 100% agreement, although I doubt the author sees the role Biblical Law plays in this.  God designed limited government and free people.  The Libertarian system is probably the closest humans have gotten to God’s ideal plan.  The Libertarian system basically says, “A person should be allowed to do whatever they want as long as they are not hurting someone else.”  God’s system for general humanity basically says, “A person should be allowed to do whatever they want as long as they are not hurting themselves or someone else and God’s Law defines what hurts people.”  [See our Master Life course.]. While we will all be judged by God on the Final Day, God wants us to have the freedom on earth to work out our salvation or damnation [Phil 2:12-13].

4.  “America Was Founded On God And His Word”

This is why it has been prosperous and strong.  Its abandonment of God and His Law [even by so-called Christians] is why it and other Western nations are in the final stages of decay.  Only widespread repentance and revival will save us.

This chapter of The Book Of Signs would have been great if it had stopped here.  However, it goes on in wild, unBiblical speculation as to why America cannot be found in Biblical prophecies.  At least it was honest enough to acknowledge that it is not there.  The idea appears to be that Biblical facts should never be allowed to interfere with a good story.

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