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Bible Study
Course Descriptions

This page with our Bible Study course descriptions will help you understand how our Joshua Institute courses are designed.  You can then choose the ones which will be the most beneficial to you under the direction of the Holy Spirit.  Take as many as you like.

View the Bible Study course titles and click on the course name for a full description.  Some courses are done online, some are downloadable PDFs, and some require a textbook.  I have colour-coded the links so you can quickly tell which courses require textbooks.  And remember that the suggested donation is only a suggestion.  If, before God, you can honestly say that you cannot afford it, please take the course anyway.  I want you to be built up in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who loves you and gave Himself for you.

Course Colour Codes:

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Bible Study Course Descriptions

Crown Rights Of King Jesus: Biblical Law - In This World - Prophetic Victory

These courses deal with the practical aspects of the Lordship of Jesus Christ in our present world.  Jesus is the King of kings and Lord of lords, but often Christians give ground to the enemy because they do not understand what that means.  Biblical Law examines the Laws of Scripture, which are the commands of Jesus Christ, and how to apply them in our world.  These courses tend to be more challenging and require study, but they will richly benefit not only police officers and others in the justice system but Christians in every walk of life.  In This World looks at the applications and consequences of living righteously in a fallen world. Prophetic Victory demolishes the pessimistic "Christian" worldview. It shows how the Scriptures teach that the Holy Spirit working through His people will implement the victory of Christ in this present world.

Scripture Foundations And Bible Training: Covenants - Foundations - Study Techniques 

These courses deal with how to understand and interpret the Scriptures.  Understanding Covenants is essential to correctly applying the Scripture and relating to God.  God always operates based on Covenant.  Foundations looks at the basics of knowing and understanding the Bible.  Study Techniques puts Bible Study tools into the students' hands.

Building A Solid Life - With God - With Yourself 

Modern Christianity tends to centre everything around the Christian and sometimes slips into just being a spiritual type of self-improvement program.  God is to be the centre.  We should study the Word of God primarily to learn about God and develop our relationship with Him.  Nevertheless, we have issues in our lives that we must deal with.  Building A Solid Life gives practical knowledge on ordering our personal lives in a way that pleases God.  With God deals with developing our personal relationship with Jesus.  With Yourself looks at establishing a stable Christian life and overcoming temptations and sins that claw at us.

Note: Some of the lessons in some of the courses are long.  Remember, there are no time limits.  It is better to do two or three pages a day than to do a whole bunch, feel overwhelmed and quit.  Just take it at whatever pace you are comfortable with.  A lesson does not have to be done in one 'sitting.'

As you can see from the links which are not yet clickable, I have great plans for the future.  However, I work full-time in a grocery store and can only work on this as I have time and resources.  Keep checking back to see what courses have been added!

SPECIAL NOTE TO PASTORS/CHURCH LEADERS:  If you would like to offer all or some of these courses directly from your church website, contact me for details.

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Please note: We no longer have the commenting feature [maybe again in the future].  Joshua Institute students who have questions or comments on their courses can use the contact button and mention the course name and lesson number in the email.  Thank you.  Glenn

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