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Faith Forward

By Glenn Davis

    “For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith.” Romans 1:17

    The righteousness of God is revealed in the Gospel.  The Gospel is the good news that Jesus came to earth, shed His blood so our sins could be washed away, and now we can enter the presence of the God Who loves us.  If we accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, we stand in His righteousness.

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We need to move forward in life with faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our life is a life of faith from beginning to end.  It begins with believing that the death of Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago can make a difference today...and not just a difference in general, but a difference in our life specifically.  In the natural realm, this makes no sense.  Paul says is seems like foolishness to the Greeks - the intelligent people.  How can the death of a despised Jew make any difference?  Yet, as we take this truth by faith, we enter into another world, a world of relationship with God.

    It doesn’t stop there.  That is only the first step.  Now we learn, bit by bit, to live a life of faith.  We must Faith Forward.

    The first Faith Forward is believing that we stand righteous before God.  Of course, it is not our own righteousness.  If we take an honest look at our own lives we have no doubt that we are not righteous.  In fact, the closer we draw to God, the more we are aware of our own short-comings.  Yet, in faith, we come boldly into the presence of God believing that we stand in the righteousness of Christ.  There are no hindrances between God and us.  We can have confidence.

    Then we begin a whole life of Faith Forward.  We study the Word of God to discover what God says is true.  Then in faith we act as if it is true.   Our eyes, our reasoning, our emotions may all be screaming the exact opposite but, like a baby with his first steps, we step forward.  To our delight we discover that God was right and our eyes were wrong.  Our faith is justified.

    We live in a universe turned upside down by sin. Nothing is really like it seems.  The upside down world can't understand why multiple sex partners doesn't work.  They are confused by the ethics of being honest even when it hurts you.  Tithing looks stupid.  Forgiveness and loving your enemy goes against reason.  And a million other things.

    It is only as we go Faith Forward on the Word of God that the world - like a capsized boat - begins to turn upside right.  In the long run, life works with Faith Forward.  In the short term it may look like faith fails, but then if we always saw the immediate result of our faith it would not require much faith.

    Put your life on Faith Forward.  Your perception of reality will change.  You will see through Satan's masks and mirrors.  You will see reality.

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