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Your Will Be Done On Earth

We cannot pray in faith for God's will to be done on earth if we have a mentality that things are getting worse and worse.

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Jesus Is The Only Way To God

There have been lots of good people and prophets. Why is there only one way to God? Isn't it pride for Christians to claim Jesus is the only Way?

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The Lord Is My Shepherd

The Lord is my shepherd - Psalm 23 has comforted God's people for 1,000s of years. See what it has to say to you!

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Liberty Or Death

A quick look at the principles of liberty and freedom. Would you choose liberty or death?

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Is The Coronavirus A Judgment From God?

Is the Coronavirus a judgment from God or simply the natural consequence of living in a sinful world? What should we do about it?

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Funny Memes

Some original funny memes.

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On The Fridge

We proudly post the artwork of our children on the fridge. Does God do the same?

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Courage To Stand

Nehemiah had the courage to stand against fear. He would not give into it even for moment. We need to learn from his example.

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Do Not Fear

Do not fear is the instruction of God's Word for His people. Christians do not need to be afraid of covid-19 or anything else.

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Know God

We can all know God. Isn't that great? No longer do we have to be strangers or live in fear.

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