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Unity In Christ

God is bringing all things into unity in Christ.

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In The Beloved

Dr. Martyn Lloyd-jones explains how the term 'in the beloved' in Eph. 1:6 relates to the love of God.

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When Is 'All' Not 'All'?

Does 'all' always mean 'all' in the Bible? The answer might surprise you!

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Conspiracy theories abound. Should Christians be worried? How should believers react?

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What Do You Want Out Of Life?

What do you want out of life? What are your priorities.

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God's Greatest Challenge

Have you ever wondered what God's greatest challenge is? Does the Almighty have a problem with anything? Yes! Find out what here.

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Dirty Feet

Moving through life can give us dirty feet which need to be washed by Jesus.

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The God Who Suffers

Does God the Father suffer pain when we do, or does He simply understand it?

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Wiser Than God

Many times we act and live as if we are wiser than God. Such thinking spells disaster.

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Teaching Them To Obey Everything I Commanded

Are we truly fulfilling the Great Commission? Jesus said to teach people to 'obey everything I commanded.' Are we selective in our teaching?

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