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Why Did God Choose Us

Who are we that God should choose us to show His love to? What have we done or what do we need to do?

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God Cannot Be Mocked

We can deceive ourselves, maybe our friends, but God cannot be mocked or tricked. He knows the truth.

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Caring For The Glory Of God

Nehemiah cared for the Glory of God and His people, do we?

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Glorify God In Death

As Christians we want to glorify God. How often do we think of glorifying Him with our death?

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Gift From God

Everything we have is a gift from God. We can never truly give, only share what we have been given.

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Mosaic Law

Some Christians feel that our modern laws are superior to the Mosaic Laws which God gave. Are they right?

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Quotes Christian Life

Quotes on the subject of Christian Life.

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Christian Quotes By Subject

A list of original Christian quotes sorted by subject.

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Quotes Jonathan Welton

Quotes from the writings of Dr. Jonathan Welton.

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Quotes Andrew Picklyk

Quotes from the writings of Andrew Picklyk.

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