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The Kingdom of God Expands To Rule The Earth

Isaiah saw the kingdom of God expanding to fill the earth. The Church will be victorious in time and history.

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Jesus Meditation

When we focus our minds on the things of God we enter into Jesus meditation which is pleasing to God and builds up up as well.

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The Key Verse Of The Bible

Have you ever wondered what the key verse of the Bible is? Genesis 3:15 gives us the theme of everything that follows.

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What Is A Just War?

What are the Bible's qualifications for waging a just war? When is a holy war legitimate and when is it organized murder?

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Justified By Faith

We are justified by faith. A look at Romans 5:1-2.

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Sexual Double Standard

The sexual double standard appears throughout history and across civilizations. Where did it come from and why?

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The Desire For Justice

Is it right for a Christian to have a desire for justice? Does this conflict with the command to forgive our enemies?

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Judas: History's Number One Villian

Judas became history's number one villian. What was it that turned him against Christ? Why did he become the betrayer of innocent blood?

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Joseph: The Forgotten Father

Is Joseph the forgotten father? We often think of Jesus and Mary, what about Jesus' adopted father?

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Jonah: The Man Who Loved His Country More Than God

Why would Jonah, a prophet of God, want of 120,000 people to go to Hell? What was his priority?

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