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Examine Yourselves

While we don't want to be morbidly introspective, there is a time when we are told to examine yourselves.

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The Power Of Praise And Worship Course

The Power Of Praise And Worship course has to potential to recharge or change your life. Don't miss the dynamic principles of this course.

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Can The Results Of Evil Be Used For Good?

In a sinful world evil abounds. Is it ethical to use things that were evil for a good purpose?

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Only The Best Will Do

Only the best will do when we come to Jesus, as the gift of the sinful woman shows.

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The Joshua Institute

The Joshua Institute is designed for busy people who want to understand and apply the Word of God in their lives.

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Fear Not Course

Fear Not is a Bible-based course on overcoming fear.

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Did God Command Genocide?

When the Israelites were given the land of Canaan, did God command genocide of the current occupants?

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Does God Hate Children?

Some difficult Scriptures have been twisted to promote the idea that God hats children. What is the Truth behind these Scriptures?

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What Can I Give To Jesus?

Everything we have is a gift from our loving Father, what can we give to Jesus?

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The Wrong Idea Of Sin

We often have a wrong idea of sin. We think in terms of actions instead of rejection of Jesus Christ.

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