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Christian Ambition

Is Christian ambition wrong? Are there things we should desire and work for? What does the Bible teach?

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Children Of The Living God

Who are the real children of the living God? What does it take to enter God's family?

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Mary, Child Of Grace

Mary did not earn her position as the mother of the Messiah. She was a child of grace, like all God's children.

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Changes In Life

Changes in life happen. Some are good, some are bad. Whether we stand or fall depends on our foundation.

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Cause of Christ

Many people lack a sense of purpose. In order to find this purpose they commit themselves to all kinds of causes - some good some just plain evil. Yet the greatest of all and the most rewarding - the cause of Christ - is often ignored.

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Catholic Jokes

Looking for Catholic jokes? Need a laugh? Drop by for a visit.

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Capital Punishment Article Questioned

Capital punishment article questioned. What about other Biblical crimes? Should criminals confess?

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Capital Punishment Article

In this Capital Punishment article we look at the teaching of the Bible on the subject of the death penalty.

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Bride Of Christ

The story of Rebekah being won for Issac is a type of the bride of Christ being won for the Son.

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Life Is In The Blood

Spirtually and physically life is in the blood and nothing is more precious than the blood flowing for Calvary's hill to bring life to a dead world.

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