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Planting in Famine

Isaac planted in famine, and the Lord honoured his faith and prospered him.

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Word Of Their Testimony

Rev. 12:11 speaks of the 'word of their testimony.' This concept is much larger than what we first think.

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Running To Battle

Christians are not to be fearful, but to run to battle to overcome the forces of evil through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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Resisting Evil

Did Jesus command us not to resist evil, or is resisting evil something we are supposed to do?

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Truth About You

What does God say the truth about you is? Discover who you are in Christ.

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Covid Stream

The covid stream is a series of articles we have written about the coronavirus and related topics.

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Does The Bible Teach To Submit To Government?

Do Christians have to submit to government when its laws are unGodly? What about masks and lockdowns? Do we have to obey?

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Covid Information Center

The Covid Information Center contains links to various articles relating to Covid that present both sides of the story.

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Setting Captives Free

Paul and Silas were setting captives free at the same time they were being released from prison. Our responses can encourage others.

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Raising The Shield Of Faith

The shield of faith is one of the most important aspects of our armour. We need to practice with it before we get into battles.

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