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You Are The Light Of The World

This an examination of seven aspects of being light in the world for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Salt Of The Earth

Cross In The Clouds

Most people miss what Jesus meant when He said Christians were the salt of the earth. The word 'earth' is not the same as 'world.'

Continue reading "Salt Of The Earth"

What Do A Military Commander And A Poor Widow Have In Common?

Poor Widow

What Do A Military Commander And A Poor Widow Have In Common? You might be surprised!

Continue reading "What Do A Military Commander And A Poor Widow Have In Common?"

Should We Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalem?

praying for the peace of Jerusalem

Some say that the Bible teaches we should pray for the peace of Jerusalem, but isn't that building again the wall Jesus tore down?

Continue reading "Should We Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalem?"

Christian Self-Doubt

John the Baptist in prison

Some times as Christians we experience self-doubt, wondering if we have wasted our lives or missed God's will.

Continue reading "Christian Self-Doubt"

Every Christian's Ministry


Every Christian is to have a John the Baptist type ministry. Nine things every Christian can learn from John the Baptist.

Continue reading "Every Christian's Ministry"

Matthew 24: Unraveling the Mystery of 'This Generation'

Heaven and earth destroyed or not?

What did Jesus mean when He said 'this generation' would see the signs of Matthew 24? How we answer that question will impact our End Times views.

Continue reading "Matthew 24: Unraveling the Mystery of 'This Generation'"

She Did What She Could

Mary with a bottle of perfume

Mary may not have had must to give Jesus, but she did would she could. She gave her best.

Continue reading "She Did What She Could"

Why Go To Church

cathedral with galaxy

When we realize what the house of the Lord is all about, we won't ask, "Why go to church?".

Continue reading "Why Go To Church"

AI Usage On Free Bible Study Lessons And Glenn Davie Books

AI robot writing at a desk

A short explanation of AI usage on my websites: Free Bible Study Lessons and Glenn Davis Books

Continue reading "AI Usage On Free Bible Study Lessons And Glenn Davie Books"

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