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She Did What She Could

Mary with a bottle of perfume

Mary may not have had must to give Jesus, but she did would she could. She gave her best.

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Why Go To Church

cathedral with galaxy

When we realize what the house of the Lord is all about, we won't ask, "Why go to church?".

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AI Usage On Free Bible Study Lessons And Glenn Davie Books

AI robot writing at a desk

A short explanation of AI usage on my websites: Free Bible Study Lessons and Glenn Davis Books

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Importance Of AD 70


The importance of the events of AD 70 are often overlooked; however, many Scriptures can only be properly understood in its context.

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Jesus Is King?

crown over Bible with light and parliament buildings

The Christian confession 'Jesus Is King' is meant to be a living reality not just an ideal.

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What Is A Christian?

What Is A Christian

There are many descriptions attached to the word "Christian." It has become a popular label [unpopular label in some circles]. But what is a Christian? What is the true meaning?

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Why Study The Bible

World on top of Bible

People ask , "Why study the Bible?" The Bible is vital in our lives and in society. It is a miracle Book which is the Word of God.

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Be Still And Know That I Am God


We need to learn to listen when God says, "Be still and know that I am Godl". If we live life in a rush, we are unlikely to hear from God.

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Be A Blessing


God desires that we be a blessing, not consume the blessings of God on ourselves. We are to be a giving channel, not a dam.

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When God Is Silent

Jesus reading for drowning man and man's head above waves

Why is God quiet when lonilness and fear attack us? When God is silent, look at Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.

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