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Where Did Cain Get His Wife

One of the most popular questions thrown at Christians is: Where did Cain get his wife? The answer is simple.

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The False Assumptions Of Dispensationalism

The assumptions that dispensationalism is built upon are not Scriptural. Let see what the Bible teaches.

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Where Did Christianity Originate?

Ever wonder where did Christianity originate? Its roots can be traced to the dawn of time.

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Biblical Types And Shadows

The principles of interrupting Biblical types and shadows are foundational to a correct interruption. Knowing what to look for will keep us on the Rock and not in flights of imagination.

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Religious Pride

Religious pride is one of the most effective and deadly of the enemy’s weapons.

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Dangerous Date Of Revelation

If we do not begin with the correct writing date of Revelation we cannot understand this great book. I will prove to you from Scripture that most people today start with the wrong date.

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Profanity: The Spiritual Destruction Of Society

How does profanity affect society? How does even "Christian" swearing bring destruction? Language is how spirits communicate...

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Who Are The People Of The Prince In Daniel 9:26?

There is much misunderstanding about who the people of the prince in Daniel are. A close look at the Scripture will make it clear.

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Does The Bible Force A Woman To Marry Her Rapist?

Why would the Bible say that a woman should marry her rapist? What is the correct understanding of these Scriptures?

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Master Life: An Introduction To Biblical Law

Discover the Life Line God has thrown to us in Biblical law and how it can apply in modern life applications.

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