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Attacks On The Bible

Attacks on the Bible have been around ever since it was written. What are some modern attacks to be aware of?

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The Armor Of God

We stand in the armor of God against the forces of spiritual darkness manifesting themselves in our physical world.

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Approval Of Man

Do we seek the approval of man or the approval of God?

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The Truth About The Flat Earth

Did the flat earth idea hinder the church's reaction to Columbus?

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Anointed One

Hannah was the first one to recognize the coming Deliverer as the Anointed One or Messiah. Another "first" revelation that God gave to a woman in the Old Testament.

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Anger Hazard

Anger can be a foothold for the devil, do we allow him in or do we slam the door in his face?

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Adam And Eve

Were Adam and Eve real people and why are they essential to Christianity?

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About Glenn Davis

A short bio on Glenn Davis the owner of Free Bible Study Lessons and the author of the El Empire books.

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Does Your Past Haunt You?

We all have regrets about things we have down or pain others have put on us. Does your past haunt you? How can you release your past and move into a bright future?

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Importance Of AD 70

The importance of the events of AD 70 are often overlooked; however, many Scriptures can only be properly understood in its context.

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