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Unique Christians Or Box Store Christians?

Sometimes we have a box store mentality, but we are unique Christians.

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Where Is Jesus Now?

Where is Jesus Now? Is He in Heaven? On earth? In our hearts?

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Psalm 159: The Call Is To Victory

Psalm 159 is a call to battle and to victory. God is a God of battle with the forces of evil.

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You Are Sent Out By Jesus

If you are a Christian, you are sent out by Jesus in His power to accomplish His will.

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Reacting In Great Fear And Distress

When we are in times of great fear and distress, how are we to react? How did Jacob react when he heard Esau was coming to meet him withh 400 men?

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Call To Separation

The Bible gives believers a call to separation from the world. What does that look like?

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Covid Questions Answered

A conservative Christian Pro-Life organization answers three questions about covid measures.

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Planting in Famine

Isaac planted in famine, and the Lord honoured his faith and prospered him.

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Word Of Their Testimony

Rev. 12:11 speaks of the 'word of their testimony.' This concept is much larger than what we first think.

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Running To Battle

Christians are not to be fearful, but to run to battle to overcome the forces of evil through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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