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Running To Battle

For by You I can run at a troop of warriors;  And by my God I can leap over a wall…He trains my hands for battle, So that my arms can bend a bow of bronze.  Ps. 18:29, 34, NASB

David knew what it was like to face fear.  He knew what it was like to run and hide for his life.  He knew what it was like to risk his life in battle with vicious foes.

Bible in Forest With Sunlight

David also knew that God had and would prepare him for every battle and struggle he would face.  He had this confidence even as a young man.  When he courageously volunteered to fight Goliath, you will remember, he looked on his experiences with the lion and the bear as training for his current battle [1 Sam. 17:34-36].  David did not draw back from facing the lion and the bear.  The sheep under his care required his protection, and he would not shirk his duty.  He ran to meet the danger and save the innocent. 

We should be courageously running to battle.

He showed no fear when it was time to meet Goliath.  Here was an enemy of God that needed to fall.  In fact, it was embarrassing to him that none of God’s people had the faith and courage to stand up to Goliath.  David ran to battle.

For many Western Christians, life has become comfortable.  We don’t want to risk losing what we have.  Covid scares us.  Even if we don’t believe the gross exaggerations and misinformation promoted by politicians and the mainstream media, it scares us.  Not the virus itself so much as the loss of our lifestyle.  We can no longer go to church, sing a few songs and listen to a motivational message, and then go home and pretend all is right with the world.

While, when people and nations follow God’s ways, prosperity in every area is a result, Christianity has never been about comfort and earthly security.  We may be coming to the place where we, like Paul, will have to find contentment no matter what our circumstances in life [Phil. 4:11-12].  But this is more than just learning to survive in a different situation.

But My righteous one will live by faith;

And if he shrinks back, My soul has no pleasure in him.  Heb. 10:38, NASB

David ran to battle.  He knew victory did not come from his own strength.  He had confidence in God.  God had prepared him for this time and this hour.  He drew his sword and ran to battle.  No enemy of the Lord was going to be left standing if he had any say in the matter!

What about us?  Are we hiding in caves, hoping this will pass us by with the least amount of damage or comfortable lifestyle change?  Or are we sharpening our swords, preparing to do battle with the Goliaths that are storming through our nations, putting chains on people and mocking the church?

God has prepared you for this time [Es. 4:14].  God has a plan for you.  God’s will is going to be accomplished whether you participate or not; however, this is an opportunity for God to shine His glory through you and give you the honour of helping to expand His kingdom.  Does that thought scare you?  It scares me.  But are we going to let fear drive us, or are we in faith going to strap on our swords and run to battle?

This is war.  Of course, you have been in this war since the day you accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.  It just may not have been as obvious.  

We need to realize there are many aspects of this war and find our own particular place without criticizing those whose participation is different.  Some are fighters, some are cooks, but all have their place.  For some, it will mean directly confronting the evil and lies of the enemy; for others, it may just mean quietly going about their daily lives helping and encouraging all those they come in contact with.  For some, it may mean rejection, prison or death.  For others, there may not be a significant lifestyle change.  It doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you discover what God has prepared you to do at this point in history, and do it.

Believe me.  This is much easier to write [or read] than to do.  I am working through it in my own life, just like you.  Together we are the Body of Christ, a warrior and a bride.

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