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Running To The
Safe Place

The name of the Lord is a fortified tower;  the righteous run to it and are safe. Pr. 18:10, NIV

A fortified [strong, KJV] tower is a safe place.  A strong tower is extremely difficult for an enemy force to take because the defenders can shoot from above on anyone who approaches.

The name of the Lord can be that safe place, that fortified tower.  I said “can be” because it is only the righteous who can run into it.  The unrighteous are at the mercy of a relentless foe.  They have no defence, but are driven by the pressures and strategies of the enemy.

So who are these righteous for whom the name of the Lord is a strong tower?  Of course, we could never stand in our own righteousness.  The righteous are those who have come to the Lord Jesus Christ, confessed and repented of their sin and accepted Him as Lord and Saviour.  They then stand in His righteousness and are part of the righteous who can run into this safe place.

So what is this strong tower, this safe place?  The Name of the Lord.  A name, in the Bible, is not just a nice title to call someone.  It has meaning.  It represents the whole person.  When we pray in the name of Jesus, for example, we are praying in the authority of Jesus - as if Jesus Himself was praying whether or not we use the exact words “In The Name Of Jesus.”  This fortified tower, that is the Christian’s defence, is the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We could spend the entire newsletter [and more] talking about the authority of Jesus, but what occurred to me as I was reading this verse is: how do we run into it?  Often times we say Christian clichés without thinking about the practical application.

How Do We Run
Into This Safe Place?

Jesus is our fortress, our safe place, we need to know how to run into Him at all times.

This first thing to realize is that this strong tower is not a physical location.  That’s great news!  That means that the enemy can never cut us off from our place of protection.  He can never insert himself between us and our tower - although he may try mind games to make us think he can.  Our fortified tower is as close as the Name of Jesus is to our lips.

So practically, when we come under attack, how do we enter our strong tower?  Sometimes it depends on the nature of the attack.  A sudden surprise attack or emergency situation gives us no time to think.  We call out to the Lord Jesus to come to our aid or we proclaim the Name of Jesus with the authority we have in Him.  We speak forth His Name in confidence that He hears us and will answer us.

Other times the attack is more of a running battle continuing over time and space.  How do we run into our strong tower is such times of need?  How do we access the presence and authority of Christ in our lives?

Psalm 100 gives us two ways: Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise.

Thanksgiving is a major key.  God has done so much for us from creating us [and this fantastic world in which we live] to saving us and placing us in His family that there is never a time to complain.  We should alway approach God with a heart overwhelmed with thanksgiving.  The one thing that turned God off from the Israelites as they wandered in the wilderness is that no matter what He did for them, they were always complaining.  You probably know - if you are parent - how you feel when your children whine and complain.  Let’s turn our life into a life of thanksliving - an entire lifestyle.  Then we will be in a place to call on the Name of Jesus.

Praise is another part of entering into our fortified tower.  Not only are we thankful for all that God has done, but we praise Him for Who He Is and what He has done.  While we should certainly praise God for His works, sometimes we forget to praise Him for Who He is.  If all we do is praise Him for how His works have benefited us, then we are self-focused.  We need to look beyond ourselves and appreciate God for Who He is in Himself.  He is worthy!

A third aspect of third aspect of entering this safe place is worship.  Worship is the spiritual equivalent of making love to your spouse in a healthy marriage relationship.  It is the highest form of intimacy that we can enjoy with our Love and Lord.  In many ways it may look like praise and thanksgiving, but in our spirits it moves to another level.  The Name Of The Lord is certainly going to be a strong tower around those in intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Notice that all of these, using the Name of Jesus, thanksgiving, praise and worship, are choices that we make.  We can choose to battle things out on our own…and be plowed under by the enemy.  Or, in spite of all circumstances and emotions, we can choose to run into our safe place, our fortified tower.

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