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[If you purchase anything on this site, I may make a commission. Disclosure Policy]

Business Opportunity

Note: If you become involved in this business, I will make a commission.  Disclosure Policy

If you are a modern person who needs hype to “sell” you, then this page is not for you.  If you are looking to get wealthy overnight, keep looking.  This is for serious individuals who have the ability to evaluate potential legitimate business opportunities and the persistence to work for success.

Are you one of these select individuals?  Only you will be able to determine that.  You are the only one who can not only assess these legitimate business opportunities, but also your own abilities, talents and resources.  What I am going to present below are two solid business opportunities.  Will one or the other [or both] work for you?  Maybe…  You decide.

Success Stories Of Ordinary People...

For Testimonials for Solo Build It, Click Here.

Here you have two legitimate business opportunities that are easy to operate but will take work and determination in order to succeed.

Let’s face facts.  We all have different talents and abilities.  These are businesses that will require time, effort and a little capital.  There are people who have the ability [or are able to learn the ability] and persistence to use these opportunities and make money - some a little and some a lot - while giving excellent value to their customers and clients.  There are others who do not have that ability and they must look for opportunities elsewhere.  One group is not better than the other…just different.  [You may not have the ability now, but unless you work hard at trying to acquire the ability you will not know if it is possible for you are not.  Many fail because they do not give success a real chance.]

So I am not going to try to “hype” you up and get you excited about the “sizzle.”  What you need to know is if there is a real “steak” here for you or not.  [Believe me, I do not want to “sell” you anything that is not for your long-term benefit.]  These are good and legitimate business opportunities, but they must be treated as businesses.  You have to examine them and be willing to put in the time and effort to learn the systems and market them.  Each has incredible training included so ignorance is no excuse.  Each has a top quality product that is worth far more than the cost, so value is not a stumbling block.  Take time to read what I have written about each one and then click the links to do further research and join if you decide it is for you.  AGAIN, do not join if you are not willing to treat it as a business and invest time, effort and a little bit of capital.  [If you are a busy individual you can certainly budget your time according to your available schedule, but don’t expect this to do itself!]

A Legitimate Business Opportunity 

Solo Build It

If marketing isn’t your strong point or the Power Lead System doesn’t appeal to you, then Solo Build It may be what you are looking for.  

Solo Build It is a powerful business builder.  It also has an affiliate program [at no extra charge], but the real focus is on building your own internet business.  Step-by-step instructions will lead you through picking a topic that is of interest to you [hobbies, businesses, life experiences, etc.] and that has the potential to be profitable.  Many people are surprised at what they know that others would like to learn!  Solo Build It then goes through guiding you into building a content website that will attract traffic and then teaching you on various ways to make money from that traffic…all the while sharing what you already know and enjoy!

Research has shown that your chances of success are greatly increased with Solo Build It as compared to other popular companies.  The 10 Day plan [which may take more than 10 days] is a detailed roadmap to success on the Internet.  SBI keeps up with the latest developments on the web [while eliminating fads] and makes any transitions as easy and seamless as possible.  You do not need technical skills to succeed - you just focus on what you know and love best.  There is also an active members forum where questions can be asked and answered.

This is a good solid way for people without any special marketing skills [or advertising budget] to make money.  It will take time to build up your website traffic to the point where you can make money, but effort and persistence will pay off.

Click on this link to read case studies of average people who are making a good income with SBI and for the details on the company. 

To Your Success,

Glenn Davis

P.S.  Just to be crystal clear, if you decide to purchase this legitimate business opportunity, I will earn a commission.  You must research it and decide for yourself if it is a good fit for you or not.

For more information about Glenn Davis, see our About Glenn page or visit Glenn Davis Books.

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Solo Build It!

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