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Web Development Agency

Note: We are not currently taking new clients, but you can contact us with your project.

Harness the power of the web for your business, church or charity.  Let’s be honest.  Millions of websites are lost in obscurity on the Web.  They become like frustrating, time-consuming ineffective employees.  Fancy and flashy may look appealing, but the bottom line questions are: 

1.  How many visitors are you getting?


2.  Are they taking the actions you want them to take? 

If the answer is no [or you don’t even know the answer!], then it is time to reappraise what you are doing.  You would not let your employees get away with not doing their job - don't let your website get away with it either! 

At FBSL Web Development Agency we serve small to medium-size enterprises.  Whether you are an online business, an offline business, a church or a charity, we have a variety of tools to build for your success and reach more clients.  Your web presence doesn’t have to be lost in the crowd or just a fancy business card.  We have the products for a successful promotion.  We have top-quality products at prices you can afford.

Need a website? A contact management system? An autoresponder system? Explainer videos? Virtual Salespeople?  Video Testimonials?  Not sure what you need?  Ask for our recommendations.

Send us an email what what your challenges are [and a link to your website if you have one] and we will reply with our recommendations.  [See email form below.]

What are some of the benefits of the products we offer?

A Content Website:

1 - 2 Domain Names


Full Content Website [30+ pages]

Web Research For Profitable Related Key Words

About Us Page

Contact Us Page

Submission To The Major Search Engines


Monthly Report

You can save money by doing this all “in-house” and we will just be here to advise you if you need help.

A Complete Contact And AutoResponder System:

1 - 2 Domain Names


Complete Contact Management System

- divide your contacts into categories and email any or all categories without sending duplicate emails.

- easy to send emails any time you need to.

Autoresponder system

Send up to 30,000 emails a month

Unlimited Promotional Web Pages

Monthly Report

Holiday Promotional Messages

Use with your current website.

You can save money by doing this all “in-house” and we will just be here to advise you if you need help.

Explainer Videos

These are short 30 - 60 second videos with or without 3D avatars to be used to promote your business or products.  See examples below.

Avatar Salespeople:

Have an avatar or an avatar with chat appear on any page of your website to promote your products, newsletter and more.  They can be used to help you collect emails and other contact information for potential clients.  You have seen an example of an avatar with chat on this page.

Send us an email today.  We make every effort to reply within 48 hours.

Web Development Agency

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