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What Is A Biblical Worldview?

Surveys have shown that only about 10% of regular church-going people who consider themselves Christians have a consistent Biblical worldview.  It is easy to allow the values and culture of the world to seep into our worldview.

Bible in Forest With Sunlight

What is a Biblical Worldview?  Simply, it is how you view the world around you.  Everyone has one.  It answers questions such as: What is the meaning of life?  Where did we come from?  Why is there evil in the world?  How can we fix a broken world?  Am I important?  How can I know what is true?  How should I live?  And more.

World coming of Bible

A Biblical worldview is believing the Bible’s account of God, the world, and life to be true and acting on it. It is a position that every Christian should have. We may think we believe the Bible, but our actions reveal what we really believe in our hearts.  

Adjusting our views to align with Biblical teaching is a lifetime project. However, this stream will examine some foundations every Christian should believe and act upon.  Out of the 60% of people in the US who claim to be Christian, you may be one of the 4% that actually has a Biblical worldview.  In that case, this series will be a reminder for you, but remember you are a minority.  Most of the people who call themselves Christians have compromised beliefs.  Be able and willing to share the Truth with them.

What Is A Biblical Worldview Stream

Who Is God?

How Did The World Begin?

How Did Evil Begin?

Who Is Jesus?

What Is The Bible?

What Is Truth And Who Defines It?

What Is The Purpose Of Life?

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