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Who Is God?

As we begin this series on a Biblical Worldview, we will start at the very beginning…God.  God is the beginning and end of all things.  A correct understanding of "who is God" is essential to building a solid life.

“In the beginning, God…” Gen. 1:1, NIV

It is impossible for human beings to have an exhaustive knowledge of God.  To do that, we would have to be as great as God.  While we cannot know all there is to know about God, we can have accurate knowledge of Him.  Christians will be growing in that knowledge for all eternity.  Here are some basics for a Biblical Worldview of God.

Bible in Forest With Sunlight

Who Is God?
God Is Eternal

We cannot fully grasp this concept.  God has no beginning and no ending.  He has always existed.  Since something cannot come from nothing, everyone has a concept of eternity.  Some non-Christians believe that matter has always existed.  For Christians, it is the personal God Who has always existed.  

Because God is eternal, He has put the seed of eternity into everything He has made.  As human beings, we had a beginning, but we will exist somewhere forever because God has decreed it.

Jesus with the Universe

Who Is God?
God Is Sovereign

God is the King of His creation and has total control over it.  No one can ever force God to change His plans.  Humanistic society hates this attribute of God.  They want man to be sovereign, to command his own destiny.  But God is sovereign.  He makes laws by which we are required to live.  

Although God is Sovereign, He does not want to relate to robots.  We have choices that matter.  God chose to have both a decreed will and a permissive will.  God’s decreed will is the things He has decided will happen.  It does not matter what anyone says or does; it will happen.  For example, God decreed the creation of the world; He has also decreed its end.  There is not one thing anyone can do to stop it or change it.  God’s permissive will tells us what He wants us to do, but He does not force us to do it.  For example, God says, “Do not commit adultery.”  It is His will for a person to be faithful to their spouse, but He does not force people to make that decision.

Who Is God?
God Is A Person

Some religions view God as an energy penetrating the universe, like The Force on Star Wars.  This is really just the deification of man as man learns to control and manipulate “god.”  The Biblical worldview is just the opposite.

God is a Person. Although He is all-wise, all-powerful, and all-knowing, He is also a real Person with emotions. God is not controlled by His emotions, as we sometimes are, but He feels things deeply. Because God is a Person and He created us in His image, we can know Him and have a relationship with Him.  It is incredible that God desires a relationship with us, but He does! 

Who Is God?
God Is Holy

God’s holiness refers to His purity, majesty, and glory. It also refers to being “set apart.”  God is perfect.  We often compare ourselves to one another to see how “good” we are.  But God’s standard is Himself, absolute perfection.  He can tolerate nothing less.  Being set apart shows us that while God is intimately involved with His creation, He is above and distinct from it.  

Sunlight On Flower

Who Is God?
God Is Just

God is perfectly just. We do not always see justice in this world, but everyone will give an account of their life to God, and He will see that justice is done in eternity. There will be no loopholes, technicalities, or deceptions. Since God’s standard is perfection, this is a problem for every human being—but we will look at it in a future article.

People who think they are going to get into heaven because God is too “loving” to send anyone to hell or that God will weigh their good deeds against their evil deeds do not understand God’s holiness or His justice.

Who Is God?
God Is Love

God is Love.  He cares about His creation.  He cares about each person.  He created a world for us to enjoy and develop with Him as a team project.  He wants a loving relationship with us.  However, it is a fatal mistake if we think God’s love can overrule His justice.  God is perfectly balanced, with no conflict in His character.  

Sunlight On A Cross

Love looks for the highest benefit of the one who is loved.  Because God is love, He chose to endure unimaginable pain and suffering to bring salvation to us.  There was no other way for God to express His love without compromising His justice.  Any Christian who doubts the love of God needs to meditate on the cost of salvation.

Who Is God?
God Is Self-Aware and Self-Existent

We often don’t think about this aspect of God.  We know that God is all-knowing.  This means that God perfectly knows everything about His creation, including us.  We are self-aware, but not perfectly.  There are parts of us that we don’t know.  We can’t fully understand ourselves, let alone another person.

However, God is totally self-aware.  He knows everything about Himself there is to know.  This is one reason why people who say God wants worship because He has an ego problem are so ridiculous.  God knows His greatness, not in a boastful way but as a matter of fact.  He has no insecurities that He needs people to tell Him how wonderful He is.  Worship is an intimate relationship between God and Christians.  It is how He designed it so that we could experience more of Him.

Being Self-Existent means that God needs no one.  He didn’t have to create, and He is in no way dependent on His creation.  God Is.  Or as He told Moses in Ex. 3:14, “I AM Who I AM.”

These are a few basics about Who God is.  As Christians, we should desire to learn more about our wonderful God.  Not because we want to know what He will do for us, although that is important.  If we truly love God, we will want to know Him just because He is Who He is.  All of us have some misconceptions about the character of God because of the Satanic lies which surround us.  We can only learn the Truth by studying the Word of God in context.  

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