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Rev. John Poole

I could not find very much information on Rev. John Poole.  His father, Fred C. Poole, came from South Wales to pastor a church in Canada.  Later he moved his family down to East Landsdowne Pennsylvania, USA and began pastoring a church called Philadelphia Gospel Temple.  

In 1963, when his father died, Rev. John Poole began pastoring the church.  Sometime after that he changed its name to Living Word Community.  As far as I can tell, Rev. Poole pastored this church from 1963 to 1974 or 1975.

The services at the Philadelphia Gospel Tabernacle, under the leadership of Pastor Poole began with 45 minutes of praise and worship.  One member at this time has described it as "it sounded like angels singing."  This was followed by the Word, as you can hear in the messages below.  The service was not interrupted with taking an offering, but a box was left at the back for donations.  The church also had home group meetings.

As well as being leader in the Charismatic Renewal, Rev, John Poole wrote many articles for the New Wine Periodical. [See a sample: Being God’s People]

Below is an excellent series of messages on practical applications of the Book Of Revelation and an individual message.  These were taken from old cassette tapes, but are very clear. 

Revelation Series


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