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Rev. Barney Coombs

Rev. Barney Coombs was born in 1937 in Whitstable, England.  Before becoming a Christian he joined the police force.  He married Janette and they had three children.

After accepting Christ as Saviour and Lord, he attended Capernwray Bible School.  He graduated with honours.  He became the Pastor of Basingstroke Baptist Church.  In the late 1970’s he and his family moved to Vancouver, B.C.  There he became the Senior Leader of the Westcoast Christian Fellowship Church.  He was also the first leader of the International Council Of Salt And Light Ministries.  He wrote several books, as well.

Rev. Barney Coombs was an apostle involved in restoring the charismatic gifts to the Body of Christ.  He strongly believed that the Body of Christ is basically relational in nature.  

He went to be with His Lord on July 22, 2018 after suffering a brain haemorrhage.

I trust you will be encouraged and draw closer to Jesus by listening to some of his messages. 

Rev. Barney Coombs Sermons

Books By Rev. Barney Coombs

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