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Feed Yourself:
How To Study The Bible

Feed Yourself is a course on how to study the Bible for yourself.  It is required for any serious student who wants to pursue our other courses as many of the assignments are based on principles taught in this course.  Except for the first two lessons, each lesson is designed to take about a week to completed.  If you would like to be 'paced' there is an email version of the course here where lessons are sent out once a week.  Otherwise the lessons are all below.  Be sure you complete each assignment before moving to the next lesson.  If you have any questions or comments you can add them to the comment section at the bottom of any page.  God bless you as your study His Word.

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Feed Yourself Lessons

It is important that you complete the lessons in the order given as each lesson builds on the previous one.  Again, resist the urge to skip ahead to something that sounds more interesting.  On your first time through, do every lesson completely and in order.  However, after you have completed the course you may want to come back and review specific lessons so their contents are listed for each reference.

Lesson One - Introduction - Presuppositions 

Lesson Two - Time And Methods - Approaches To Bible Study

Lesson Three - The Devotional Method

Lesson Four - The Bible:  Its Purpose, Contents And Theme

Lesson Five - Context: Scripture

Lesson Six - Context: Historical

Lesson Seven - Context: Social

Lesson Eight - Scripture Memorization

Lesson Nine - Book Survey

Lesson Ten - Key Words And Phrases

Lesson Eleven - Finishing The Book Survey: Style Of Writing

Lesson Twelve - How To Use A Concordance

Lesson Thirteen - Law Of First Mention And Usage

Lesson Fourteen - Writing Techniques 

Lesson Fifteen - Bible Study Tools

Lesson Sixteen - Subject Study

Lesson Seventeen - How To Analyze A Verse

Lesson Eighteen - How To Analyze A Chapter

Lesson Nineteen - How To Do A Word Study

Lesson Twenty - How To Do A Character Study

Bible Resources - All the forms and other material you will need to complete your assignments.

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Please note: We no longer have the commenting feature [maybe again in the future].  Joshua Institute students who have questions or comments on their courses can use the contact button and mention the course name and lesson number in the email.  Thank you.  Glenn

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