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Biblical Law I

As we move more and more away from God and God’s Law, evil must increase. We surrender the tools or weapons needed to fight. Even the Church, which ought to be the standard of God righteousness, in many cases has abandoned the very thing they need - God’s Law - to fight evil. In trying to make Christianity “acceptable” to the world [and, to be honest, our own sinful natures] they have destroyed it. By the grace and mercy of the Holy Spirit we need a new reformation which will change the Church and then move out into society. Trying to change society while we are still in confusion and rebellion ourselves will not work. 

Bible in Forest With Sunlight

That is one reason why I think every serious Christian should read The Institutes of Biblical Law to be familiar with the concepts and commands which are necessary for true reformation.  Western civilization was built on these concepts.

This study of Biblical Law will open your eyes to why our Western nations are in chaos.  You will understand the foundation on which any just society must be build.  You will begin to see God’s wisdom and ways in His designs for society.  

Christians can promote evil and think they are promoting good just because they don’t know the principles that God has put into His world.  As the Church goes, so goes the world.  The change starts with us as we are enlightened by the Holy Spirit through the study of His Word.  An important part of His Word is Biblical Law.  

Biblical Law I: The Justice Of God

“The Ten Commandments are not therefore laws among laws, but are the basic laws, of which the various laws are specific examples…The law, then, first asserts principles, second, it cites cases to develop the implications of those principles, and, third, the law has as its purpose and direction the restitution of God’s order. R.J. Rusndooney in The Institutes Of Biblical Law

This course requires the use of a textbook, The Institutes Of Biblical Law by R. J. Rushdooney.  To successfully complete this course you will answer questions as you read the book.  Durning our video ‘class time’ we will go over the questions and make additional comments.  Biblical Law I will take us through the first seven commandments and their modern applications.  Biblical Law II will use the same textbook.  

May Jesus bless you as you study and apply His Word.

You may purchase your textbook here.  It may be less expensive purchasing it directly from the publisher, which also has an inexpensive EBook version.  That link is also provided.  Suggested donation for the course is $20.  You may donate here.

Course Instructions

Each lesson consists of reading a passage in the textbook and answering questions from the reading.  You answer the questions as you are reading.  They are in chronological order.  For example, if you find the answer for question 5 before you find the answer for question 4, you have probably missed question 4 and need to go back to look for it.  [In rare cases it is possible that a question's subject is referred to in different places and a question was based on a later reference.  This would appear to disrupt the chronology.]  The questions are available online and you can simply write the answers in a notebook or you can download the questions in a PDF file.  When you have finished answering the questions, go to the next lesson.  There you will have a video which goes over the correct answers for the questions and makes additional comments.  When you are finished with the video go on to the next reading passage and the next set of questions.  Each lesson also includes a short Bible memorization project.  Every Lesson except the first one is password protected.  You will be given the instructions on how to find the password for the next lesson at the bottom of the current lesson.

Special Note: Page numbers to read are based on the printed book.  The EBook may vary slightly.  Always read to the end of a section.

Special Thanks:  The questions are based on questions developed by Rev. Tim Osiowy for a course taught at Gateway Christian Ministries in Prince George, B.C.  Rev. Osiowy is currently the CEO of Gateway Ministries International in Richmond, BC.

Biblical Law Lessons

Lesson One

Lesson Two

Lesson Three

Lesson Four

Lesson Five

Lesson Six

Lesson Seven

Lesson Eight

Lesson Nine

Lesson Ten

Lesson Eleven

Lesson Twelve

To proceed past the first lesson, you will need to register.  Registration is free.  After you have registered, you will be sent one email with instructions on how to find the first password.  If you do not receive this email within an hour, check your spam/junk mail folder.  By registering for this course, you will also receive our monthly newsletter, Water Of The Word.  You may unsubscribe at any time from the bottom of any email.

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