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Blessed By God

By Glenn Davis

”Blessed are those you choose and bring near to live in your courts! We are filled with the good things of your house, of your holy temple.” Psalm 65:4,NIV

Blessed by God - there can be no greater blessing than knowing and be known by God. His favour rests on us. Sometimes it may not feel like it. Sometimes we wade through dark waters. But we are blessed by God above all others on the planet. Think about it. What an honour it is to know God.

There is no room for pride because God chose us. If He had not been calling to us, we would never have come. We would have continued down a self-destructive path unless He had stepped in the way and stopped us. He chose us before the beginning of time. In this is great confidence (but not carelessness which would be ingratitude).

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The blessing of God overflows into the life of the Christian as He draws us into His presence.

Not only are we saved from our sins and placed in the Kingdom of God, but also we are called into intimate relationship. It is God Who desires this relationship [He doesn’t need it for He is self-sufficient]. He wants that relationship with us even more than we want it ourselves. Sometimes we think we are a bother or nuisance to God. Nonsense, He wants us to come to Him.

We can live in His courts or His presence. We don’t have to be coming and going. We can abide. It doesn’t mean we live at an emotional high or feel His presence at all times, but we can know He is there. Sin separates, but we can chose to put that behind and live in His presence constantly. When sin does interfere we can instantly go into His presence and get forgiveness and restored relationship.

We are to be satisfied with the goodness of God. Sometimes we “help ourselves” to things that God does not want for us - often going into debt to do it. We are to learn to be content with whatever God gives us. After all, He has given us Himself and there is nothing to compare to that.

Let us be thankful He has chosen us, share that love with others, and chose to live thankfully in His presence. We will then be truly blessed by God.

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