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      Beautiful For The King

      Have you every pictured yourself as beautiful for the King, King Jesus? Have you thought about how much He desires you…yes…you.

      ”Listen, O daughter, consider and give ear: Forget your people and your father’s house. The king is enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord.” Ps. 45:10-11, NIV

      In the days before rapid communication a princess would sometimes marry a foreign king and then rarely, if ever, see her family and friends again. She would be immersed into a new culture, with new privileges and responsibilities.

      beautiful for the king

      What would happen if she pined away for her old home and situation? The king would not be very pleased with her. A pretty face may attract attention, but if it is not matched with beauty of soul and spirit then the attraction soon fades.

      How does this apply to us? We have been brought out of the world culture and placed in a heavenly one by our Divine Lover, the great King of the universe. The privilege and opportunity staggers the imagination... that we should be loved by and brought into the palace of The King.

      Yet, sometimes, we look at the world system and envy them! Like the Israelites we wish we were back in Egypt. We mope around the palace of the King resenting all the things we can’t do or the friends/family we have lost. We compromise, wanting what the world has to offer, but not really wanting to leave the King’s palace either. It does not make us a desirable bride for the majestic King.

      The advice to this daughter - or bride-to-be - is leave the past behind you. We have been brought out of the world. Our focus should be on the King who loves us and how we can please Him. We should enter wholeheartedly into all that our new position presents to us. We should not hold back or complain [do I have to go to church? pay my tithes? read the Bible? etc.]. We find our joy in knowing Him.

      When we do that we become beautiful for the King. [This is not a matter of pride for it is a beauty He has placed within.] He greatly desires to be with us. Do you see Jesus as greatly desiring your presence? If you were Jesus and heard someone say all the things you say about your new life, would it attract you or repel you?

      The bottom line is, of course, He is the Lord. He is the One in charge and requires our submission. [If it is willing submission then we are beautiful for the King in His eyes and our relationship can develop to great heights.] Jesus deserves our respect and worship - our very best.


        Your Journey…

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