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Eyes Of Honor Quotes
Dr. Jonathan Welton

These quotes are taken from the book "Eyes Of Honor" by Dr. Jonathan Welton.  It is one of the best books dealing with sexual temptation available.  While some believe that pornographic temptation will be a constant struggle, Dr. Welton shows how it is possible to not only conquer it but also to move beyond the temptation.  Grab a copy of this book and make sure you understand it's Biblical principles for yourself and for those around you who need help.

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Eyes Of Honor Quotes

Although accountability may help you manage your sin, it doesn’t deal with the root.

Identity always precedes actions.

It is amazing how quickly people’s identities can change when their hearts and minds align and form a new revelation.

If we sin, it is because we choose to.

If we do not understand that our self-control is empowered by the grace of God, then we will try to control our flesh by the strength of our flesh, and this will always fail.

Absolutely nothing can control you because the Holy Spirit gave the reins of your life back to you.

You are not out of control; you are just making stupid choices with the control that you have been given.

If you want to live in freedom, you must take responsibility for your life by choosing to be self-controlled and powerful. 

Healthy intimacy and freedom cannot be separated.

…as powerful people, one of our primary goals must be protecting the connections we form with others.

It requires opening the heart and risking vulnerability, knowing that even if others hurt you, they cannot control you.

When we grasp how valuable and lovable we are, then we will love and value others.

As this passage mentions [Heb. 12:16], the sexually immoral and Esau are alike in that both are willing to sell out for a moment of pleasure.  They can be bought and sold for a price.  They do not maintain self-control because they do not value their freedom.

The only way to walk in self-control is to view our freedom as priceless and invaluable, and to guard it with our lives.

By refusing to accept their God-proclaimed value, they are calling God either a fool or a liar.  

…supernatural anointing has nothing to so with character.  Operating in the supernatural is not an indicator of emotional and spiritual health.

The reason that night comes before day is that, in God’s economy, rest comes before work, night comes before day, and sleep comes before activity.

If we properly value ourselves, we will learn to put rest before work and find security in our identity in God first.  From that position, we can begin to fulfill our destinies.  People who still struggle with knowing their value tend to derive worth from their work; thus they end up striving.

All revelation of the ways of God sits on the foundation of rest.

The war for sexual purity will be won because we are set free by believing the truth [John 8:32].

Many Christians continue to walk in sin after salvation because their don’t realize who they are now.  If they truly realized who they have become in Christ, then they would be set free.

Many people have said, “I am a sinner saved by grace.”  This is a massive theological error.  Once you accept Christ, you are no longer a sinner.  God considers you now to be a saint.

The serpent actually deceived Eve into thinking that her actions were able to determine her identity.

This passage [2 Cor. 5:14-17] shows that we are not to view people through the lens of their actions and lifestyles, but according to the way that Christ views them.  Christ always keeps His eye on a person’s inherent value.

We must confront sin through the lens of people’s true identity.

The flesh operates in all three realms of the human design: the spirit, soul, and body; every human being has a portion that is inclined toward unhealthy appetites.  This is the flesh.

The best way to understand “self” is to define it as a person’s reputation.

Our crucifixion in Christ is a past-tense, completely accomplished work.

As long as we think we must die, crucify ourselves, or fight against our flesh, we continue believing a lie.  This lie keeps countless people locked in a never-ending battle against their flesh - a battle Jesus has already fought and won.  

“Putting on” Christ means to sink into Christ, to lean back and rest in our identity in Christ.

Once you realize that your struggle against your flesh and sin nature is actually a myth, you will be empowered to put off the leftover “clothing” of your old nature and begin living according to the righteousness of Christ, which is your new nature.  

Most true spiritual warfare takes place in the arena of truth versus lies.

If we understand that we abide in Him [which also means that we abide in His authority], then our spiritual warfare is very different: we are not fighting for victory; we are fighting from victory.  

It is time for us to realize that we can maintain constant authority over the devil by remembering that we are in the chariot with Jesus!

Since his defeat was already accomplished, the Church is not on the Earth to try to win a victory.  Our starting point is victory, and from there we move forward.  We are currently on Earth as ambassadors [Cor. 5:20, Eph. 6:19-20], enforcing and advancing the application of Jesus’ victory.

The battle with the devil is a mind game in which he speaks to us and tries to lure us into agreement with him.  

So our current strategy is to resist and stand firm against the devil.  We are standing and resisting the devil’s lies since they are the only weapons he as left.

We must identify these lies and begin to stand against and resist them with the truth so that we can experience the victory Christ purchased for us.

The law never gave power over sin; it actually identified, aroused, and empowered sin.

The main principle of “but rather” is that you change from what you shouldn’t focus on to whom you should be focusing on. 

Figure out where and how you have been failing to maintain your identity, and ask the Lord how you can be proactive to bring change to those situations.  The Lord wants you free even more than you want to be free; in fact, He died for your freedom.

…it becomes clear that the Lord’s Prayer would be better translated, “lead us not into trials.”

Trials are processes that we go through, whereas temptation are occurrences and events.  

Thus, He only allows you to face temptations that you are equipped to overcome - this is your way out!

Many people equate discipline with punishment; but God’s discipline is training, not punishment.

…temptation exists merely as a means for us to be examined or proven.

Many of us never move from the initial experience of being a sinner saved by grace into the more mature life of being a saint of the Most High.

In the eyes of God, repentance literally rewrites the account of our lives.

God interacts with us from our destiny, not our history.

Because God does not exist in our repented-of past, we literally have to leave God behind when we choose to dwell there.

As long as our failings are put in the past, they do not shame God.

True change is not brought about from condemnation and guilt, but from a loving and forgiving Father.

Full conviction takes the whip out of our enemy’s hands, puts us back on our feet, and puts the whip in our hands!

Forgiveness is the profound truth that brings healing to the heart, mind, and memories.

At some point, each of us has to take responsibility for our own thoughts and feelings.

Temptation equals trust.  God trusts that we will handle temptation correctly; therefore, He allows temptation to show us who we are as new creations.

Every woman has been created in the image of God and, therefore, is worthy of love, honour, and respect.

Jesus interacted with everyone on the basis of their creation.

Those women are not the enemy.  Porn stars, prostitutes, and strippers are your sisters, and they are hurting.  They don’t just need Christian men to stop looking at them; they need Christian men to cry out in prayer for them.

Personal freedom will be found when we focus on the freedom of others.

Once you fully grasp the truth of your identity, you will be able to relate to others according to their identity in God.

Adam was put on Earth as a protector, not as a predator.  Predators steal, kill, and destroy beauty, whereas protectors value, appreciate, and respect beauty.

You are either going to be a protector and rescuer, or you are going to be a user and abuser; there is no middle ground.

This does not mean trying to change them, but simply loving them with God’s love and trusting Him to free them.

Love is the seed we must plant if we desire to have lasting fruit.

Evolution has taught us that man evolved as a predator; the truth is that God created men as protectors of beauty.

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