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The God Of Jacob

"As for me, I will declare this forever;  I will sing praise to the God of Jacob," Ps. 75:9

We have looked at the God of Abraham, the father of the faithful.  We have seen that God is the God of Isaac, who led a quiet and basically uneventful life.  Now God calls Himself the God of Jacob.

God is known as the God of Jacob even through Jacob had serious character flaws.

Jacob was a different sort of man.  Jacob was cunning.  He was willing to use deceit to get what he wanted.  He was the type of man that you did not want to turn your back on.

Jacob took advantage of his brother Esau.  Esau was hungry and, being a man of the world, thought only of his present circumstance.  Esau was not really starving, but he was willing to trade his birthright for food.  Like many today, Esau did not care about spiritual things.  Jacob took advantage of this.

When it came time for Isaac to give the covenant blessing, Jacob, at the insistence of his mother, deceived his own father in other to take the blessing from Esau.  Although Jacob had a cunning character, he was also a coward.  He was afraid to impersonate his brother, but his mother insisted.

All-in-all Jacob was not a nice person at the beginning of his life.  God took him through many situations to teach him lessons and train him in the ways of God, including sticking him with Laban who was more deceitful than Jacob.  Later God changed his name to Israel, but even after that God seemed to be delighted to be called the God of Jacob.  Why?

One of the greatest things we can learn from this is that God is not embarrassed by our character flaws and shortcomings.  He does not reject us for our failures.  He does not distance Himself from us because we are imperfect.  God's love for us does not depend on us!  He loves us because of Who He is, not because of who we are or what we do.  We can be confident that since God is the God of Jacob, He will be our God as well.  We will not be abandoned. 

God loves us too much to leave us as we are.  He will work with us our whole life and He is not ashamed to be identified with us through any of it.  [We should not be embarrassed by His Word either.]

One of the positive things about Jacob is that he knew the importance of spiritual things.  He was focused on what he wanted, but was trying to get it in his own time and in his own strength.  He, like us, had to learn to let God be God.  He had to learn the secret of waiting and relying on God's strength.  There were hard lessons on the way, but he got it in the end...and so will we.


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