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The Inescapable Choice

Rahab committed treason.  She helped her city’s enemies escape and overthrow the city.  Were her actions sinful?  Should she have remained loyal to her city even though it was an evil place?  The fact is we have all been traitors on one or more levels which is why I have labelled treason the inescapable choice.

Bible in Forest With Sunlight

Treason is defined as: 

"1. Violation or betrayal of the allegiance that a person owes his sovereign or his country, esp by attempting to overthrow the government; high treason

2. Any treachery or betrayal”   www.thefreedictionary.com

In order to understand this concept, and Rahab’s actions, we have to understand the big picture.

In fact, let’s go back to the beginning.  “In the beginning God created…” [Gen. 1:1].  Since God created all things, including each individual, He has the right to complete obedience and unquestioning loyalty.  At some time in the past [probably during Creation Week] Satan and some of the angels rebelled.  They attempted to overthrow God.  It was the height of arrogance for them to think they even had a chance at success.  Needless to say the attempt failed.  Although guilty of high treason against their lawful sovereign they were not immediately sentenced to Hell - their ultimate destination.  

Adam and Eve with Jesus

God created the physical universe and placed Adam and Eve as His representatives to rule over and develop it.  It was to be a team project, God and mankind working in unity to produce a fully developed world for the enjoyment of all.  However, the human heart had to be tested.  Would Adam and Eve remain loyal to their sovereign or would they join the rebellion?

Eve was an individual and her decision would affect only herself.  However, Adam was the representative of the human race and so his decision would be the representative decision of every human being to ever exist.  We know that Eve was deceived by Satan.  She joined the rebellion with realizing exactly what she was doing until it was too late.  Adam knew both that he was making the decision for the entire human race and that he was deliberately choosing high treason against his Creator and lawful Sovereign.

Treason: Our Position

Because of that decision the entire human race is convicted of and under the death sentence of high treason against its Creator and lawful Sovereign.  Before you cry unfair, consider that everytime we violate God’s laws and ways we willfully rebel and agree that Adam made the right decision.  Not one of us can claim innocence or unfair treatment.  Having Adam as our representative into rebellion is actually a mercy because it means we can also have a Representative out of rebellion and into peace with our Creator and lawful Sovereign.   

So every human being is born a traitor and everyone of us through our own actions confirms that choice.  To expand on that, every government is required to rule according the laws of God as revealed in the Bible.  To the extent that they fail to do so they are in rebellion to their lawful Sovereign and under the judgment of treason just as individuals are.  This is one reason we are instructed to pray for government officials for their guilt and judgment are compounded if they both as individuals and government representatives rebel.  

Treason is an inescapable choice.  We are all traitors and terrorists by nature - intentionally or unintentionally - wreaking havoc on God’s creation and harming ourselves and others in a cycle of abuse.  So if we remain as we are, we are traitors to our Creator and lawful Sovereign and will one day justly join Satan and his angels in the dungeons of Hell even as we joined him in his rebellion.  On the other hand, if we make peace with God and reassert our loyalty to Him acknowledging Him as our God and lawful Sovereign, the Kingdom of Darkness, in which we currently live, will consider us as traitors.  It is a decision of ultimate loyalties which each of us must face [if we ignore it we are, by default, choosing to continue in rebellion].  And each of us will live with the eternal consequences of our decision.

In respect to civil governments, God requires His people to respect and obey them.  Christians are to be the most loyal citizens in a nation.  Even if the governments are in rebellion - as long as they are not requiring people to violate the Word of God - they are to be obeyed and supported.  Daniel worked for three world rulers without violating his loyalty to God.  In cases where we or others are required to violate God’s Law or injustice is being done [such as the murder of children called abortion] then we must stand on our ultimate loyalty.  We may have to endure the temporary consequences of resistance to the rebels in order to remain loyal to our true Sovereign and earn eternal rewards.   The problem of some Western Christians is that they falsely view their nations as Christian nations and unquestioningly support government policy over Biblical principles.  The Western nations have not been Christian nations for a very long time.

While Rahab was committing treason to her City-State, she was returning to where her true and ultimate loyalty lay.  It was a State in rebellion to God that forced her into such a decision.  She choose peace with God and submission to her real Sovereign even if it caused her to endanger her life and leave behind everything she had known.  It was a courageous step and a true step.  We should all be in resistance to satan and loyal to our ultimate Sovereign.  It may mean we are misunderstood and mistreated by those around us, but where should our real loyalties lie?

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