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Murder Or Right?

The abortion debate is settled for Christians by the Scriptures. We are not concerned with anyone's definitions of right or wrong other than God's. How does God view this controversial subject? Does He mention it in Scripture? His Word is final, so does God consider it murder or a right?

Bible in Forest With Sunlight

Before we look at morality, we should clear up another issue.  Sometimes it is said, "It's my body; I can do what I want with it.   If I want to have an abortion, it's my choice."  This is faulty on at least three points.  

First, if it were true, there could be no argument against prostitution, taking drugs/alcohol, suicide, self-mutilation, etc.  After all, if I can do anything I want with "my" body, then there are no limits.  What if my body wants to punch your body in the face?  Am I still allowed to do what I want to with my body?  At least some pro-death advocates believe so, as they have assaulted peaceful pro-life activists even for the simple act of praying near abortion clinics.

baby and abortion regret

Second and foremost, God is the Creator and the Owner of all things, including our bodies. Because He is the ultimate Owner, He lays down what we are and are not allowed to do to others AND ourselves.  While He doesn't physically prevent us from disobeying, one day, we will all stand before Him and have to explain our actions and receive His eternal verdict on them.

Third, once a child is conceived, there are two bodies - two unique individuals - in one body.  We know this because nothing new is added after conception.  From that point on, it is only a matter of growth.  A mother is not more human than her two-year-old daughter.  They are at different stages of growth and maturity, but both are fully human.  In the same way, the pre-born baby is fully human, just at a different stage of development.  Even IF a person had the right to do what they wanted with their own body, they do not have the right to hurt another person's body, even if that body is inside them.  

If you have had an abortion, click here for helpful information.

What Does The Bible Say
About Abortion?

Having said that, where in the Bible does it talk about abortion?

“Now if people struggle with each other and strike a pregnant woman so that she gives birth prematurely, but there is no injury, the guilty person shall certainly be fined as the woman’s husband may demand of him, and he shall pay as the judges decide.  But if there is any further injury, then you shall appoint as a penalty life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, bruise for bruise." [Ex. 21:22-25, NASB]

[If you believe God has changed and doesn't mean what He said in the Old Testament, read Is Biblical Law Valid Today? or take the Master Life.  This law is called a minimum case law [as explained in the Master Life Course]; in other words, it gives a practical example of how far the principles of this law apply.   When we understand how far the law reaches, we know everything before that point is also covered by the law.

two middle eastern men arguing

Let's take a look at this example situation.  Two men are fighting near a pregnant woman.  In some way, they bump or hit her, and as a result, she gives birth prematurely.   The law then lays down the punishment if a] the woman and/or child is killed, b] the woman and/or child survives but has permanent damage or c] the woman and/or child are not harmed.

The most important thing we must notice in this minimum case law is that this is an accidental abortion.  The men involved in the fight did not intend to harm the woman, but it happened anyway.  The penalty, if the woman or her child was killed, was the death of the guilty party in the fight.  This is precisely the same penalty God required of a murderer [Should Christians Support Capital Punishment For Murder?].  Therefore, God must view them the same.

If God's Law surrounds a pregnant woman and her unborn child with such intense protection that even the accidental killing of an unborn child could result in the death penalty, how much more when the killing is a deliberate act?   This is the only case in Biblical Law where an accidental death requires the death penalty.  It is almost as if God valued the life of the unborn more than the born. One possible reason for this is that the aborted unborn do not have and never will have the opportunity of hearing about the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  [Whether an unborn child goes to heaven or hell is controversial, and the Bible does not give a clear answer.  God is just and fair. If the unborn child goes to heaven, then abortion robs them of fulfilling their God-given mission on earth and the rewards that would go with it.]

If an accidental abortionist is considered a murderer by God, how much more is a premeditated one? If not in man's court [which should be enforcing Biblical Law], then certainly in God's court, all doctors, nurses, men, and women actively involved in one or more abortions will answer murder charges. All lawmakers, judges, lawyers, relatives, etc., who supported or promoted the killing of the unborn will stand charged as accessories to the murder[s] and receive the same punishment.  Justice many not come on earth, but it will not escape God's Court.

take my hand, not my life


An unexpected or unwanted pregnancy can be overwhelming.  Many ladies feel that they have no choice.  There are financial pressures, relationship pressures and emotional pressures.  There are loving and caring people who understand where you are and what you are facing, as unlikely as that may seem to you now.  Whether you are facing a pregnancy, considering your options - or feeling like you have no options - or have already had an abortion, there are loving people who want to help you.  Check out the Pregnancy section on our Resources For The Hurting page to find the help you need.

Is there any hope for people who have participated in abortion[s]?  The good news is, yes!  Denying the fact that it is murder is not the answer.  The truth must be faced; responsibility must be accepted. The only hope [which is the only hope any of us have!] is submitting to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, repenting of our sins, receiving His forgiveness [which we all need], and then walking in His Truth [see Introduction To Life].  Jesus loves you no matter who you are or what you have done.  His arms are open wide for you.  

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls."  Jesus, Matt. 11:28-29 NIV

"...and whoever comes to me I will never drive away." Jesus, John 6:37, NIV

This has answered our main question, but I want to point out some other things.

The statement of punishment for an injured woman/child is stated in the famous "eye for eye" sentence.   It illustrates the Biblical principle of justice: "Let the punishment fit the crime" [i.e. not too heavy for the crime - chopping off a hand for stealing an apple - or not too light - 5 years in prison for murder].  The crime and punishment must be balanced, and God's law declares, or at least lays down the principles, as to the balance.

In the case where no harm came to either the woman or the child, there was still a punishment - a fine.  This is determined by the husband [as the one charged by God to protect his wife] and approved by the judge as fitting for the crime.  

God surrounds a pregnant woman with the strongest possible protection. We should not take lightly what God considers serious.

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