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Unity In Christ

He made known to us the mystery of His will according to His good pleasure, which He purposed in Christ, to be put into effect when the times reach their fulfillment - to bring unity to all things in heaven and on earth under Christ.  Eph. 1:9-10, NIV

We know that all things were made through Christ.  He is the Creator, and for Him, all things were made.  We know that the world was very good at the beginning.  Sin had not touched or destroyed it in any way.  All God’s works are perfect.

Although it goes without saying, I had never thought about the aspect that before the Fall all things were united in Christ.  He was the Creator.  He was the Ruler.  He was the Center.  Everything in heaven and earth was under Him, for Him and to Him.  There was perfect unity in all aspects of life and operation.

unity in Christ

Then sin and rebellion happened, and that unity was broken.  We need to be clear that God never lost control.  God is sovereign.  However, the rebellion brought disunity into the universe.  Instead of peace and harmony, we now have war and strife.  What a high price to pay for demanding our own way!

Now God is at work bringing all things back under Christ.  The ultimate goal is to come back to the perfect unity and harmony that was in the world before the Fall.  In terms of our relationship with God, we will grow beyond what Adam had because Christ now lives in us through the Holy Spirit.  In terms of the earth, we will also move beyond what Adam knew because we will have a developed earth instead of an undeveloped earth.  But in terms of unity, humanity and the universe will return to the perfect unity of Christ in all things.

Right now, we are co-labourers with Christ to bring everything on earth under His lordship.  [We do not have responsibility for things in heaven.]. Sharing the Gospel is the foundation, for there can be no peace and unity with God until we have yielded to Christ as Lord and Saviour.  Then we must have continual training in the ways of God, so we know how to achieve the unity for which He is working.  This is one reason why Biblical Law courses are so important.

After that, no legitimate area of human endeavour is ‘off the table’.  Everything must be brought to unity in Christ; this includes how we act in life as husbands or wives, fathers or mothers, employees or employers.  Every sphere of human endeavour must bow the knee to Christ, whether it be the Arts, Politics, Business, Economics, Entertainment, Agriculture, Military or anything else.  All will be brought to unity in Christ.

Some think this is a grand dream for heaven, but God is working at it now, and so should we be.  In fact, He says Christ will not return until the last enemy is destroyed [1 Cor. 15:26].  If we look around the world today, we may think this is impossible.  That is because we lack confidence in the Holy Spirit, and we have a short-term vision.  It may still take thousands of years to achieve, but it will be achieved before the return of Christ.  We need to get to work, with the power of the Holy Spirit, to build solid lives, solid families, and solid institutions that will stand the test of time and inspire generations to follow Christ.  Disney is a modern example of a great company that allowed itself to be taken over and destroyed by evil forces.  We must take note, and build so that what we leave behind in the people and the institutions we influence will not be overrun.  

God is sovereign.  Everything will once again be united in Christ.  The only question is whether we will be a part of it or not.

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