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Understanding The End Times
Lesson One

Matt. 24 Part One

For this course you will be using the textbook Raptureless by Dr. Jonathan Welton.  I have used the Kindle Third Edition.  It is available both as a Kindle book [perhaps others as well] and a paperback.  You MUST have this book to do this course.  If you do not have it yet, you can purchase it here.  If you do use that link, I will make a commission, but it costs you no more.

For Lesson One read the following sections in your Textbook and do the questions below.  The questions are in chronological order.

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Read:  Introduction, Chapter One: The Great Tribulation, The Fulfillment Of Matthew 24, The Context, The Destruction Of Jerusalem, Wars And Rumors Of Wars, Earthquakes, Famines, Pestilences, Heavenly Signs, Great Persecution, Cold Love, Gospel Preached In The Whole World, The Beginning Of The War, Time To Flee, Like Lightening.

In Lesson Two we will finish Chapter One.  It is a long chapter so I have broken it into two lessons.

Answer these questions as you read through the textbook.  You may either print off the lesson or simply write your answers in a document or notebook with the lesson and question number.  The video in Lesson Two will take up the answers to these questions and add additional comments.  May the peace and grace of our Lord Jesus be with you.


Lesson One Questions

If you prefer to print the questions out, you can download them in PDF here.


1. Every part of the gospel is _______________, including the teaching regarding the endgames. 

2. Our view of the future would not case _______________.

3. Our understanding of the endgames determines how we _______________ our lives.

4. A correct view of the end times…will cause us to have a renewed _______________ for Jesus rather than an obsession with the antichrist.

5. _______________ all things and hold fast that which is good.

Part One
The Past
The Great Tribulation

6. Most scholars agree that the _______________ is a parallel to the words of Jesus in Matthew 24.

7. Throughout Church history most Christians believed all the events prophesied in Matthew 24 occurred during the destruction of Jerusalem in _______________.

The Fulfillment Of Matthew 24

8. The Great Tribulation is not in the _______________.

The Context

9. Jesus replied with eight signs of the coming destruction:

1.  _______________ messiahs and _______________ prophets

2.  _______________ and rumours of wars

3.  _______________

4.  _______________

5.  _______________ of believers

6.  Falling away from the _______________

7.  _______________ growing cold

8.  The _______________ preached in the whole world.

The Destruction Of Jerusalem

The following sections are excerpts from George Peter Holford’s book The Destruction Of Jerusalem.

10. Under the government of Felix, _______________ rose up daily in Judea and persuaded the people to follow them into the wilderness.

11. Imposters to a _______________ commission continually and fatally deceived the people.

Wars And Rumors Of Wars

12. These commotions…were so _______________ from the death of our Lord until the destruction of Jerusalem that the whole interval might be appealed to in illustration of this prophecy.

13. The Jews made war against the _______________ and ravaged their country.

14. In the city of _______________ alone, upwards of twenty thousand Jews were slain.

15. Galba, Otho, and Vertellis…three emperors…together with Nero, their immediate predecessor, died a violet death within the short space of _______________ months.

16. Jesus declared “wars and rumours of wars” during the Pax Romana, the “_______________,” which was the only time in history when war had essentially ceased because the empire had conquered all its enemies.


17. The earthquake at _______________ was so destructive that the emperor, in order to relieve the distresses of the inhabitants, cancelled their requirement to pay tribute for five years.

18. Hieropolis and Colose, as well as _______________, were overthrown by earthquakes.

19. “Perhaps no period in the world’s history has ever been so marked by these _______________ as that which intervenes between the Crucifixion and the destruction of Jerusalem.”

20. During the time period Jesus predicted, earthquakes were _______________.


21. The principle one was that which the Prophet Agabus foretold would happen in the days of _______________.


22. History, however, particularly distinguishes two instances of the calamity that occurred _______________ the commencement of the Jewish War.

23. They were partly occasioned by the _______________ multitudes that were crowded together in the city, partly by the putrid emanations that arose from the unburied dead, and partly from the spread of famine.

Heavenly Signs

24. A meteor, resembling a _______________, hung over Jerusalem during one whole year.

25. There shone about the _______________, and the circumjacent buildings of the temple, a light equal to the brightness of the day, which continued for the space of half an hour.

26. As the High Priest were leading a heifer to the altar to be sacrificed, she brought forth a _______________, in the midst of the temple.

27. About the sixth hour of the night, the _______________ gate of the temple was seen to open without human assistance.

28. Soon after the feast of the _______________, in various parts of the country, before the setting of the sun, chariots and armed men were seen in the air, passing round about Jerusalem.

29. At the subsequent feast of Pentecost, while the priests were going, by night, into the inner temple to perform their customary ministrations, they first felt, as they said, a shaking, accompanied by an indistinct murmuring and afterward voices as of a multitude, saying, in a distinct and earnest manner, “_______________.”

30. Jesus, the son of Ananus, a rustic of the lower class, during the Feast of _______________, suddenly exclaimed in the temple, “A voice from the east a voice from the west - a voice from the four winds - a voice against Jerusalem and the temple - a voice against bridegrooms and brides - a voice against the whole people!’

Great Persecution

31. _______________ “stretched forth his hands to vex certain of the church” beheaded James, the brother of John, and again imprisoned Peter.”

32. Paul was likewise imprisoned _______________ years in Judea and afterward twice at Rome, each time for the space of two years.

33. About two years before the Jewish War, the first general persecution commenced at the instigation of the emperor _______________.

34. “It was a war,” says Tertullian, “against the very name; to be a _______________ was of itself crime enough.”

Cold Love

35. Matthew 24:10-12 may also be in reference to the many _______________ teachings of the first century church, which caused many believers to step away from love of Christ into aberrant forms of the faith.

36. The early Church was the scene of the most dramatic out-break of _______________ in world history.

37. The Book of _______________, was written to an entire Christian community on the very brink of wholesale abandonment of Christianity.

Gospel Preached In The Whole World

38. The _______________ preached the gospel in all the world, and that some of them passed beyond the bounds of the ocean, and visited the Britannic isles.

39. It spreads accordingly and in defiance of the bigotry of the _______________ and the authority, power, and active opposition of the gentiles.

40. The root word “Oikoumene,” used for “world” in this passage, actually means “_______________ world.”

41. Jesus was saying that the gospel would be preached throughout the _______________ before He would come in judgment upon Jerusalem and the Temple.

The Beginning Of The War

42. From the conquest of their country by _______________, about 60 BC, the Jews had, on several occasions, manifested a refractory spirit.

43. An insult was thrown upon _______________, his sacrifice was rejected, and the foundation of the Roman war was laid.

44. _______________, president of Syria, marched an army into Judea.

45. Many of the Christians, or converted Jews, who dwelled there - remember the warnings of their divine Master, retired to _______________.

46. History does not record that even one Christian _______________ in the siege of Jerusalem.

Time To Flee

47. Nero…immediately appointed _______________, a man of tried valour, to lead the war against the Jews.

48. In the spring of _______________, he marched into Judea.

49. In the heart of _______________, two factions contented for the sovereignty and raged against each other with ruthless and destructive animosity.

50. They _______________ the common people as unfeelingly as if they had been a herd of the vilest beasts.

51. Every symptom of _______________ seemed utterly extinguished and, with it, all respect for authority, both human and divine.

52. _______________, son of Gioras, the commander of one these bands of 40,000, with some difficulty entered Jerusalem and gave birth to a third faction.

53. The dead bodies of _______________ and _______________, both natives and foreigners, were heaped together.

54. _______________ of Gischala, who headed one of the factions, burnt storehouses full of provisions, and Simon, his great antagonist, who headed another of them, soon afterward followed his example.

55. Jerusalem was not merely captured, but its celebrated _______________ was laid in ruins.

56. We can understand that the abomination that caused the desolation of Jerusalem was the _______________ that lay siege to the city.

57. The _______________ of Judah - its civil and political authority, the life of its religion, and the glory of its Temple - were departed.

58. The day on which _______________ encompassed Jerusalem was the feast of the Passover.

59. The natural tendency, upon seeing an approaching army would have been to flee _______________ Jerusalem for safety.

Like Lightening

60. According to Josephus, this event took place _______________.

In Lesson Two we will finish Chapter One in your textbook.

Lesson One

1. Memorize Matt. 24:34-35.

2. Read Matt. 24, Mark 13:1-37 and Luke 21:5-36


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