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I Will...

"I will sing to the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.  May my meditation be pleasing to him, as I rejoice in the LORD." Ps.104:33-34

I will - The first thing we see is that this is an act of the will.  It is a decision - a choice - that we make.  We can will to praise God or not.  Nothing, no circumstance, person, or place can stop us.  We can make the decision to worship God.  It is not a decision someone can make on our behalf.  I will - I and I alone must make this decision.  Others may make it easy or hard, but the decision is mine.

Bible in Forest With Sunlight
I Will Praise The Lord.

sing - Singing is a way of expressing worship.  God created each voice and He wants to hear it uplifted in song.  Some have beautiful voices, from a human point of view, and others enjoy hearing them sing as well.  Some have singing voices that are unpleasant to the human ear, but not to the Divine ear.  We can all sing, regardless of ability.  We express ourselves through song.  If your heart has lost its song, come to the Holy Spirit for healing.  Let Him birth a new song within your heart to be expressed through your lips.  After all, singing usually comes naturally to those in love, and Who is better to be in love with than Jesus?

to the Lord - Music is powerful.  The world uses it to for various reasons.  It can be used to manipulate and stir the emotions.  This is not lost on the military who have their war songs.  Every Revolution, at least in the modern era, has used music to stir the people to their cause.  Opera was the revolutionary music of the French Revolution used to stir people to bloody acts.  Music is used by the world to promote destruction, rebellion, sex or sexual perversion, death, and even explicit devil worship. 

The highest the level of singing the world can aspire to is the celebration of love between a man and a women.  The Christian sees even this, although it can be good if not connected to immorality, as a pale shadow of the greatest singing - the singing which focuses on the Lord.  The highest singing is an expression of love and worship to Jesus Christ, Redeemer and Lord.  It is in that act of worship that we draw close to God in love and admiration.  Of course, we can simply sing words without any heart involvement and that is worse than useless.  But when our whole heart is in our song to the Lord a special relationship is developed.

all my life - Christianity is not a part time affair.  It is a totally consuming fire.  We are to be worshiping God all of our life.  We do not take breaks to do our own thing or wander in our own way.  The Lord is the Object of our praise all of our life.  From the time we are born again until the day of our death.  Detrich Bonhoeffer said, "What we don't praise God for, we accuse Him of."  Let the praise of God be found on our lips all the time.

I will sing praise to my God - This line repeats the first line, just wording it a little different.  What are we to sing to the Lord?  Praise.  We praise our God.  Our God is so great and wonderful that we can never run out of things to praise Him for.  We can praise Him for His character, for Who He is, we can praise Him for redemption and all the aspects of it, we can praise Him for everything He created, we can praise Him for His work in our lives.  As we begin to praise Him for specific things in detail we are drawn into a deeper love and appreciation of Him…and we will never run out of material!

as long as I live - All of my life, as long as I live - the point is made.  We do not grow old and cranky.  No, we are to grow in knowledge and in the skill of praising our God.  We may start out clumsily, and that's ok, but we grow in praising skill and consistency until the day of our death when we enter His presence apart from the limiting factors of our physical body and brain capacity.

May my meditation - Meditation belongs to me.  It is something I do.  We all meditate.  Meditation is constantly thinking about something, looking at it from different angles and rolling it over and over in our mind.  Often we mediate on our future plans, or fantasies of what we wish life was like, or on the wrongs people have done us [or we think they have done us].  Mediation is powerful for what we invest time in thinking about, that we will be drawn to.  If we invest meditation time in planning for the future, we will being working toward that.  If we invest meditation time in nursing our hurts, we become angry and bitter - which in turn brings destruction into our lives.  If we invest meditation time on the Word of God, we will be drawn into Truth and a closer walk with God.  We choose what we mediate on.  We build our lives one thought at a time.

be pleasing to Him - There is nothing private from God.  Before Him we are an open book.  Even our very thoughts are read by God.  He sees what we spend time thinking about.  Are we meditating on things that are pleasing to God?  Does our meditation seek to uplift Jesus and help others?  Or are we squandering our time on dark fantasies, selfish objectives, or nursing hurts into bitterness? 

When God examines what we spend time thinking about, is He pleased?  This is also a key to victory:  Every action starts with a thought.  If our thoughts are saturated with the beauties and wonders of God and how we can please Him and help others, there will not be a foothold for sinful thoughts to enter and lead us into temptation and sin.  We evaluate our money and our time, let's also evaluate our thoughts.  What do we spend time thinking about? 

Also, it is not that our mediation is pleasing to us.  Thinking revengeful, bitter thoughts can be pleasant to us, the question is: Is it pleasing to God.  The other aspect of this is that God gets pleasure from seeing our right meditation.  Just as a nature father is happy when his son or daughter does what is right and makes good choices, so our heavenly Father delights in our good meditation, which will lead to good actions and maturity.

as I rejoice - Our relationship with God is not to be one of unhealthy fear, intimidation, duty, regret or sorrow.  It is more like a healthy marriage relationship.  Yes, there are ups and downs but they are faced together.  There is joy in the relationship, pleasure in each others company, and sense of satisfaction and contentment.  Life is intended to be joyful.  We have not been sucking on sour lemons, we have have dancing with the Lord of the Universe.  Rejoice, Be glad.

in the Lord - Our rejoicing is not primarily in our situation or in our earthly relationships, although these can be a source of joy.  They can change rapidly.  Our joy and rejoicing must be in the Lord to be permanent.  Only Jesus never changes.  We rejoice in our God, in His Person, in His acts, in His creation.  Rejoice!  Our God reigns.  Our God is the Almighty God.  Rejoice, we can have an intimate relationship with God.  "The Lord" shows relationship.  Jesus is the Lord, the Master, we are the servants, the students.  There are other aspects of this relationship, but this relationship never changes.  He is the Lord, His Word is Law.  We are to obey, not argue.  In this relationship there is great security and joy.  Jesus is Lord.  He is in charge, we do not have to be worried.  We do not have to live in fear.  We are under the protection of our Lord.  It is a relationship not to be dreaded, but to be rejoiced in.

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