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Conspiracy! Conspiracy!

“Do not call conspiracy everything this people calls conspiracy; do not fear what they fear, and do not dread it.  The Lord Almighty is the One you are to regard as holy; He is the One you are to fear, He is the One you are to dread.” Is. 8:12-13,NIV

We have heard a lot of conspiracy theories over the last few years.  These ideas of secret plans by evil men are almost as old as mankind.  The Pharisees even had their own conspiracy theory that the disciples stole the body of Christ [Matt. 28:12-13], which lingers even today.

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Some of these theories may be true or partially true.  The people who hold to them often believe that they are part of a small group that knows the truth and must expose the giant enemy seeking the control and/or harm of others.  Sometimes they feel powerless to stop it, but they must expose it so others can see what is really happening.  They also feel strongly that properly understood facts support their position and often cannot understand why others do not see it as they do.


I am not saying that conspiracy theories are necessarily wrong—[Although some are ridiculous, like the Flat Earth Theory.]. As I said above, they may be true or have elements of the truth.  Evil men and organizations in the world need to be exposed and opposed.

What is dangerous is when Christians become obsessed with a conspiracy theory.  Whether it is true or false is not as important as the fact it is taking their eyes off of Jesus and giving extraordinary power to some people or organizations.  It is distracting them from the purpose of their calling: To develop a relationship with Jesus, spread the good news of the Gospel and see the Kingdom of God manifest on the earth.

God is well aware of the evil actions of men.  He is not threatened if powerful billionaires are seeking to control the world.  He is well able to expose and bring them down in His time.  In fact, nothing will destroy the purposes of evil people - hidden or not - better or faster than spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Jesus is the answer, not political power.  As men and women come to Jesus and seek to follow Him, real conspiracies lose their power and imagined ones fade.

When a proper fear of the Lord becomes prominent in society, conspirators and those who delight in sin and perversion go underground.  It is then that a culture prospers, and the plans of evil men fail.  The health of a society can be determined by whether the Church or Evil men are ‘underground.’  

Without rebuilding the foundations of a society on the Word of God, the battle against evil will be continuous and relentless.  Even if one conspiracy is exposed and destroyed, others will spring up to take its place.  While we cannot ignore the harm these evil plans do to people and nations, to stop them ultimately, we must do two things through the grace and power of the Holy Spirit. 

First, we must present the Gospel.  People need to know of the gracious opportunity they have to come into a relationship with the Father through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.  We need to pray that the Holy Spirit will save millions upon millions of souls.  We need to have a large vision.  No doomsaying, spirit-destroying, anti-Biblical apocalyptic visions.  [Some of the most harmful false conspiracy theories are promoted by sincere Christian people who think they are explaining the Beast, the Anti-Christ and the return of Christ Biblically.]

Second, when people come to Christ, they must be trained in how to lead God-pleasing lives in line with the Law of God.  Millions of Christians living in their old lifestyles because they don’t know any better will not change much in a society

If we are spending more time reading and researching a conspiracy theory [or end-times theory] than we are the Bible, then we need a serious re-examination.  Whom do we really fear?  God or man?  God is in perfect control.  He laughs at the futile attempts of men to overthrow Him [Ps. 2].

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