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Define Reality: 
A Touch Point

We live in a world of illusion and deception.  Satan is a master Liar.  He desires to deceive people to their eternal doom.  In fact, we are all born under his delusions looking at the world with upside down eyes.

So how do we define reality?  How do we know what is true and what is deception?

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"Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” Matt. 4:4

We must define reality by the Truth of God's Word.

Many today place their faith in science.  They believe that science holds the key.  This is faith in man's intellect and abilities.  Science has a place, certainly.  It also has limits.  Science can only study things in the present, repeat tests, make observations, draw conclusions, and formulate theories.  It is great in looking at and understanding the material world.  But it is constantly changing as new information comes to light, old theories are proved wrong and new ones developed.  Also, it can only make guesses as to past events and has no true tools for studying the spiritual realm of life.  It works on discovering reality and practical applications, but it does not define reality.

The only One who can ultimately define reality is the One Who made it.  Jesus Christ created all that is - physical and spiritual.  He is the only One Who can truly define reality.  To attempt to do so outside of Christ is to fall under one of Satan's illusions.

This is one reason why the Bible is so important.  It is the written word of God Himself defining reality and how life works both spiritually and physically.  The Bible shows us the way things really are.  If it seems crazy to us, it is because we are so used to looking at the world through deceived eyes.

The Bible is not a textbook on science, history, geography, etc., but when it touches those, and other points, it is 100% accurate.  We use our senses and the sciences to learn about and develop the physical world around us.  But everything we learn must line up with the Bible in context in order to be true.  We never change the Bible to fit current man-made theories - no matter how good they sound to deceived ears.  Always, we change our theories to fit with the clear teaching of Scripture.

And revelation - not science - is the only way to learn about the spiritual realm.  We cannot study or subject it to physical experiments.  It is something totally "other."  Some people try to get their knowledge of the spiritual realm from "friendly" spirit beings, which are really demons in disguise.  Any knowledge of the spiritual realm that comes from outside the authority of the Word of God is dangerous and leads to destruction.

The Word of God, in context and applied in a community of believers, is the only safe way of discovering the spiritual realm.  It is God's revelation of what we need to know.  

The Word of God IS our touch point of reality.  Everything we understand about the universe around us and in us - physically and spiritually - must be in accordance with the Bible or we are under an illusion.  Many times believing the Word of God requires faith because it seems to go against our "common sense."  It takes faith to say, "I am wrong" even when we think everything around us is saying we are right.  What we are saying, as Christians, is that we believe in Jesus Christ more than we believe in ourselves.  We will accept His word above our own.  We will live according to His instructions even to what appears to be our own hurt.

Everyone has a point at what they believe they can touch and define reality.  What is yours?

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