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The Forgotten Virtue

     “Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.” 1 Cor. 4:2

    Faithfulness is required.  It is something even heathen society appreciates.  Businesses are looking for faithful people.  Families are looking for faithful husbands, wives, and children.  Faithfulness is necessary for society, families, churches, and any institution to operate, yet it is the forgotten virtue. 

The Forgotten Virtue is faithfulness.  We are too quick to compromise integrity for personal profit.

    What is faithfulness?  We equate faithfulness with being trustworthy and loyal.  While that is true, basically faithfulness is being full of faith.  When we are full of faith we will act in faithful ways.  A person who has genuine faith knows God is in control of life.  He can then be loyal and trustworthy even when it does not appear to be to his personal advantage.  He knows God sees and God rewards.  He can have confidence in and work for the future.

    Faithfulness is based on Christian morality.  Without genuine Christianity, faithfulness - and all good things - collapse.  As a society moves away from Christianity it begins to fall apart.  Lawyers and legal documents become more expensive and necessary because we can no longer trust a person’s word.  Security cameras and guards become important as businesses cannot trust their customers or employees.  In fact, today one of the greatest problems a business faces is employee theft.  Education fails because the system is no longer interested in faithfully communicating truth, but with promoting humanistic religious indoctrination.  Even churches cannot count on their members for support.  If a member gets upset he simply moves to another church - often with a lot of backstabbing - and the new Pastor often accepts the person instead of requiring him to return to his old church to make things right.

    When faithfulness becomes a forgotten virtue, every aspect of society is progressively destroyed.  We suffer for rejecting God by the increasing expense of living in an unfaithful society, by living in fear of our neighbours, by the ever-increasing control of the civil government, and in many other ways.

    Christians must illustrate the virtue of faithfulness.  They must be honest, reliable, and loyal.  They must be full of faith.  They must draw the attention of the world to God by living faithful lives.  They can do this because of faith in the love and sovereignty of God.  If society is to be changed then we must teach and live faithfulness to God.  As more and more people become faithful to God, they will become faithful to one another.  Society will be restored.

    Faithfulness isn’t always appreciated.  Wicked men love death.  They want society to be destroyed as they pursue their evil ends.  They will oppose faithful people because it exposes their own faults and challenges their control over people.  Nevertheless, we are to be faithful until death.  We should never be persuaded to leave a faithful lifestyle.  We know that in the long run the cause of Christ will triumph.  If we remain faithful in every area of life we partake in that victory and bring the final victory closer.

    Be encouraged as you faithfully live your life.  A life lived for God is never lived in vain.  You are doing a great work and you will be rewarded.  Be faithful.  Never give up.

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