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The Requirement Of God

“He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?” Micah 6:8 [NAS]

What is the real requirement of God from our lives? What is this Christian life all about anyway? Micah gives us three points to reveal the requirement of God for His people. There are not complicated, but they will take courage to implement.

1. Do Justice. God loves justice. He is righteous and holy and He loves to see His children doing what is right even when it appears to be to their disadvantage. As we study Biblical Law we see what God’s standard of justice really is and how far short we fall. God wants was to follow and promote His standards in our own lives, in our families, in our churches, and in our nations. Because we are human we all fail to measure to the standard of justice but we should, with the help of the Holy Spirit, be marching in the right direction.

What does God require of you?

We hear much talk about justice in our nations today, but more often than not it is man’s “justice” and not God’s justice that is being talked about. When criminals walk free and innocent citizens live behind bars or in fear, when millions of murders are made “legal”, when unjust lawsuits play havoc with business, when churches are divided over whether homosexuals should be ordained, when families are ripped apart with unfaithfulness, divorce, and abuse, the justice of God is not being upheld. In whatever sphere of influence God has given us, we should be standing for His justice, not man’s justice or our personal preferences.

2. Love kindness [mercy - KJV]. This is what keeps us from becoming legalistic Pharisees. The Pharisees knew the Word of God perhaps better than any other group in the days of Jesus, but they fail to meet the requirement of God. They loved to crack the whip to make others toe the line [of course they were exempt!] not only to the Law of God, but also their own hundreds of add-on regulations. However, God is not interested in harsh, self-righteous justice. If that were the case He would not have brought about the plan of Redemption, but would have terminated human history with Adam at the Fall.

The requirement of God is that we are to love kindness and mercy. We do not compromise the justice of God, but we seek to lead people to repentance. Our mission is one of restoration not only of people, but also of institutions. All must be brought loving back to the visible Lordship of Jesus Christ. No legitimate area of life is exempted, everything must meet the requirement of God. We love it when people repent, return, and are restored to their proper place in Christ Jesus. We are to treat others with kindness, respect, and honour...even when they don’t deserve it. After all, that’s how God treated us and we certainly don’t deserve it either!

3. Walk humbly with your God. Most importantly, God created us to have fellowship with Him. He loves it when we spend time with Him, showing Him that He is important to us in actions not just words. He wants to have that friendship that only comes with time. A daily, constant walk with Him is His desire [and no, I’m not there yet, I get busy, I forget, I allow other priorities to come in...]. But the call is to come, come to the secret place, come to the presence of God, come, come... Don’t stand on the outside looking in, come. He wants YOU in His embrace.

Our walk with God is a walk of humility. We have nothing to be proud of. He gave us everything we have. We can only give Him what He first gave us. There should be no pride in that [and also no shame]. As delighted children, let’s drop our masks, pretensions, and fears. Let’s take His hand and walk with Him. We can be ourselves, that is, after all, who He created us to be.

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