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God's Upper Chamber

By Glenn Davis

"The LORD wraps himself in light as with a garment; he stretches out the heavens like a tent and lays the beams of his upper chambers on their waters.   He makes the clouds his chariot and rides on the wings of the wind."  Ps. 104:2-3

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God establishes His upper chamber in the waters.

God wraps Himself in light.  He lives in unapproachable light.  His brightness shines through the universe revealing His glory.  This can also have symbolic meaning as light represents Truth, Justice, and Revelation.  There are no "dark places" in God.  We do not have to fear some hidden agenda or selfish motive.

Notice that the Lord wraps Himself.  It is a choice that He makes.  No one helps Him, no one declares Who He is to be.  He is totally self-sufficient.

Light is His garment.  When cost is not a factor, we dress in a way that pleases us, that reveals our character and/or that makes a statement that we want to make.  When God clothes Himself in Light, He is making a statement of Who He is.  Light is His personality and character.  He is transparent.  No darkness can dwell or even approach Him.  He is perfect Truth and Justice.

When He stretches out the heavens like a tent, we see that God is all-powerful.  He created this vast universe.  Stars many times the size of our sun came from His mouth.  The entire universe is far too small to be compared to God.  He holds and controls it all with absolute ease.  He expands the universe at will.

On a side note: Science says all the galaxies are moving away from us.  It is possible that at the time of creation the universe was a smaller place and God is stretching and expanding it to the limits He designed for it.  In this could be a partial explanation of how we can see light from distant stars in a young universe.

Normally we think of bodies of water like oceans and seas, but the water that God lays His beams on, in context, is the water in the atmosphere.  For God, Who created all that is, one place is as good as another for strength.  We would not dream of using water as a base for our structures, but for God it presents no difficulty.

In 2 Kings 4 a lady built an upper chamber for Elisha.  It was a room on top of their flat roof.  It was a place he could come and relax, have privacy and still be a part of the family.  God builds His own upper chamber.  God lives with us, but He is above us.  We can have an intimate relationship with Him, but we will never be equal to Him.  God is above us - and never far from us - and we walk under His blessing as we obey His Word.  If we walk in rebellion, He is also above us to bring His judgment.

The Hebrews thought in pictures.  Here the Psalmist paints the picture our mighty God riding the clouds and the wind.  Although God created the universe, He pays special attention to this otherwise tiny and insignificant planet.  He rides our clouds to see all that happens.  Nothing escapes His attention.  He has even been known to throw hail stones at His enemies!

Also notice that clouds are out of our control.  We cannot even predict the weather with complete accuracy.  We cannot control the God Who rides the clouds.  We worship, we stand in awe, we obey, we make requests...but we do not control.

Even the mighty wind is only a vehicle for God.  The powerful tornadoes are only a tickle on the feet of God.  In the next verse, the wind is compared to angels so God riding on the wings of the wind can also be a picture of His using angels in His plans.

In all of this we learn to live in worship.  Our God is worthy of all worship and admiration.  We should never allow our eyes to be turned to another.  Because of the greatness of our God we can live without fear.  There is nothing beyond His control.  We can walk through the situations of life with confidence.

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