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Great Is The Lord

”Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable.” Ps. 145:3

Let’s take a moment to be overwhelmed by the greatness of God. Sometimes, as we go through life, it is easy to lose our focus. Situations, circumstances, and trials can bog us down and cause us to lose - or, at least, not think about - the greatness of God.

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Great is the Lord!

Our God is all-powerful. He doesn’t just have power, He is power. There is nothing too hard for Him. With just the words of His mouth He created all that is. And by His words all that is created is sustained. There is no power in creation which can successfully oppose God. Satan is self-deluded in pride as are his followers, both human and spiritual. Their opposition to God only shows the helplessness of their condition. If satan and his forces seem powerful then we are not looking through spiritual eyes. Great is the Lord.

Our God is all-present. He is totally and completely everywhere at once. This means, of course, that the universe is finite. The universe is so vast that we may never find the end of it, but it exists in God as a drop of water would exist in the ocean [even the ocean has an end, God does not]. Yet God is everywhere in His creation at once. Nothing, anywhere happens but that our God is altogether there and in control. God is as present with you as you read this as He is with me as I write it. His presence does not fade or diminish from place to place or time to time. Great is the Lord.

Our God is personal. The ever-presence of God has caused some pagans to assume that God must then be an impersonal “force” which holds the universe together [this error was made famous in Star Wars]. But the Bible teaches that God is not only ever-present, but also He is a personal Being. It is possible, through Jesus Christ, to know God on an intimate, personal level of which the ideal marriage is only a small, imperfect picture. God and you in a glorious, personal, developing relationship for all eternity! Great is the Lord.

Our God is eternal. No beginning, no ending. We are eternal in the aspect that we have no ending, but we do have a beginning - only God is truly eternal. God is outside of time since time itself is a creation. Not only is God ever-present at this moment but, being eternal, He is ever-presence in all His attributes at every moment of time from its beginning to end. Somehow in the mystery of God, although we move through time, all times are present with God. God Himself as no past or future. All things are Now. I Am that I Am. Talk about a mind-bender! Great is the Lord.

God is all-knowledge. There is nothing at any time which God does not know. This means that there is no progression of knowledge in God for He knew all things perfectly from all of eternity. When we speak of the Plan of Redemption we are talking from a human perspective for a “plan” implies something that was worked out. If God had to work out a plan then there was at some point something He did not know [i.e. it had to be worked out]. God has always known perfectly, effortlessly exactly what He would do and how it would work out. [It was confidence in God’s all-knowledge revealed in time through prophecy, that allowed Jesus in His human nature to face the Cross confident of victory.] Great is the Lord.

I could go on. but I think I’ll stop. Great is the Lord. Take some time to meditate on the nature, character, and attributes of God. It is beyond our comprehension and yet as we think about it we stand amazed in the wonder and glory of Who God Is. As we get a vision of God we gain new excitement and purpose for our own lives. This God, through the Holy Spirit, lives inside and through us! Not a part of God, but God Himself in His completeness lives in you - if you have been redeemed. Oh, the wonder and greatness of our God!

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