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How To Outline

By Glenn Davis

As part of doing a Subject Study in lesson 16 of Feed Yourself, you need to know how to outline. Here are some tips.

1. The outline should have one major theme or subject. Give it a title.

2. The Main Topics give a little more detail to the subject. These are the big picture ideas. State them briefly and clearly. Main Topics are identified Roman Numerals [I, II, III, IV, V, etc.].

3. Subtopics are points that relate to one of the Main Topics and explain it. They are indented and identified with capital letters.

4. Subpoints relate to one of the subtopics or a previous subpoint.

5. Follow the standard format listed in the PDF below. Keep in mind that it must have, at least, two subtopics or subpoints in a section. For example, there cannot be a subtopic "A" unless there is subtopic "B." If you don't have a subtopic "B" then your "A" should probably be a Main Topic.

Download and print off this PDF file for an Outline Example: Outline Numbering Example.

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