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Free Bible Study Lessons

These free Bible study lessons bring the Truth of God's Word right to your in-box. Understanding the Bible and correctly applying it are vital to success in this life and in the life to come.

The following free e-mail lessons are yours to enjoy. Study at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. Your e-mail address is kept private. Each lesson also has an unsubscribe feature so you can cancel at any time - no hassles. Click on the Title for a course description and subscription information.   

If you would like instructions on how to turn these courses [and our articles] into free printable Bible Study Lessons for a Bible Study group click here.

Some courses also have an online version offered through the Joshua Institute.  Compare the differences between doing courses by email and online here.  Courses that have an online version are marked with an OL.

Special Note For Church Leaders:  You can edit and "brand" any or all of these courses as your own and offer them from your own website.  For more information, click here.

Free Bible Study Courses
Core Courses

Our free email courses cover a wide variety of topics from the Scriptures.  Check out our growing selection.  #biblestudy #biblecourses #learnthebible #freebiblestudylessons

Reality Check - Do you know the Truth?

Feed Yourself [How To Study The Bible For Yourself] [OL] For a short video introduction click here.

Note: All courses below marked with a [FY] have a component for Feed Yourself students to continue practicing the techniques learned in the Feed Yourself course.

Prayer Warrior:  How To Pray Effectively [FY]

Rock Solid - [FY] - Study Christian teachings for yourself! This is the sequel to Feed Yourself and will help students to practice what they have learned in the Feed Yourself course.

Free Bible Study Courses
Easy Reading Courses

How To Know God Loves You - [FY]

Master Life - [FY] - [OL]

The Making Of A Blood Covenant - [FY]

The 13 Points Of Love - [FY]

What Does The Bible Teach About Christian Education?

Confession Of Faith

How To Succeed In The Christian Life - [FY]

God's Word To You

90 Days Of Thanksgiving

Times Of Refreshing

Free Bible Study Lessons
Deeper Study Courses

Old Testament Survey 

New Testament Survey  - [FY]

Christian Social Theory: Discover How God Designed The World To Operate - [FY]

The Book Of Revelation - Also see our video series, Moments In Revelation

The Seventy Weeks Of Daniel 

The Great Tribulation - [FY]

Presuppositions And World Views 


The Love Covenants 
Theology I: The Study Of God  - [FY]
Theology II: The Study Of Man And Angels  - [FY]
Theology III: The Glory Of Christ 
Theology IV: The Study Of Salvation - [FY]
Theology V: Death And Beyond 


The Life Of Jesus Part 1: From The Manager In Bethlehem To The Baptism In Jordan  -  [FY]    

The Life Of Jesus Part 2: The Ascent: From The River Jordan To The Mount Of Transfiguration - Under Development                                                                                                                                                 

The Life Of Jesus Part 3: The Descent: From The Mount Of Transfiguration Into The Valley Of Humiliation And Death - Under Development    

The Life Of Jesus Part 4 - The Cross And The Crown 

Courses Which Require A Textbook

Fear Not! [FY] [OL]

For required Textbooks, click here.

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Free Books

Special Note: The teaching manuals of Rev. Stephen Nemeth are available at House Of Judah. They contain both student's and teacher's manuals and are full of rich Biblical knowledge and practice. House of Judah is not connected with Free Bible Study Lessons, but I have personally attended classes under the late Rev. Nemeth and I know you will be richly blessed by His materials.

Free Books And Articles For Download.

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