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Obedience And Beyond
Rev. Andrew Picklyk

The quotes below are from the book Obedience And Beyond by Rev. Andrew Picklyk.  It is a thought-provoking and challenging book that is available on Kindle.  I highly recommend getting a copy for yourself.  And remember, we must not only be hearers of the Word, but doers of the Word.  Let your eyes be open to look at the Scripture in a fresh way.

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a rebellious spirit - andrew picklyk
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King of kings - andrew picklyk

Obedience And Beyond

It’s like focusing on following Jesus without realizing that He is actually leading you somewhere…and that at some point, you will actually arrive.

We must move into the kingship He arranged for us, so we can indeed be partners and co-labourers with Jesus the King.

Forced obedience does not cure a rebellious spirit.

Many of our troubles are due to the fact that the Holy Spirit did not rule as Lord in our lives.  The repetitive deliverances we continue to seek are caused only by the lack of ruling and reigning.  We need to retain our breakthroughs and walk in the power of Jesus’ Lordship.  Without ruling, we slip back into the same bondage over and over again.

Evil forces know this and are outraged and anxiously expressing their hatred in extreme measures.  The kingdom of darkness is in fear and panic.  That is why there is such bizarre behaviour around the world.

We let the heathen rule God’s world, while we have our little religious devotionals.  The Bible is not a devotional book; it is the LAW book of the kingdom of God.  It is a book of covenants, laws, commandments, ordinances, judgements, thrones, kings, and judges.  The Almighty God is the lawgiver and eternal judge.  The Holy Spirit is our advocate.  We have an everlasting representative and intercessor, Jesus Christ.  That does not sound like a devotional but a law office - the throne of heaven and earth.

Jesus is the Lord of lords, not the Lord of slaves.  Jesus is the King of kings, not the King of servants.  

God fully intended the righteous to rule.  His will and purpose will certainly come to pass.  Believers must shift to a ruling mentality, rather than one of escapism.  

Power and authority must equally correspond with maturity of character.

When you wait and wait for God to speak to you and all you get is silence, it may be more of a blessing than you think.  God may not be ignoring you at all be rather giving you an opportunity to advance from a servant to a ruler.

When it seems like the master has absented himself from you, it means he trusts you with making a decision.

It seems that when God processes advancement in our lives, we cannot return to our past.  The future must be embraced.

When things are removed from our lives, even negativity, God always has something better and greater for our lives.

A good seed will use all the dirt and fertilizer thrown at it.

It’s not how much we have that determines our success.  It’s our attitude toward our master, Jesus Christ.

Jesus is saying to all of us that we are never limited with how little we receive.  We are limited when we get the wrong attitude.

The second level of blessings does not come as a result of obeying a command.  It comes as a result of taking initiative without being told what to do.

In an environment of slavery and servant mentality, dictators emerge.

Those who preach that the church has failed are in the wrong church, built by the wrong man.  Neither heaven nor hell will prevent Jesus’ building program from succeeding.  Those who criticize the church need to know how the groom feels about His bride.

Get educated.  Succeed in life.  Become as successful as you can be.  When God requires something of you, you will have something to give Him.  When God calls you to leave all and follow Him, you will have something to leave.  Don’t sit around waiting for God to call you; get busy.  He won’t call you until you are.

Such victories are gateways to bigger ones waiting to be conquered.  God’s promise is far greater than hanging around the borders of His blessings.  What we may consider to be the finish line, God sees as our starting line.  

Right where you are is the potential for all you need.

The supernatural is usually cloaked in the common.  The divine came packaged in humanity and religion missed it.

It is the negative “what ifs” that prevent us from taking a step of faith.  People of initiative only possess positive “what ifs”.

It implies that one cannot be casual about your pursuit.  It also means to bind a decision upon yourself in such a determined manner that there is no possible way you could be personally separated from it by anything.

Everyone has a dream, but nothing happens until the dream has you.

But there is another level beyond giving.  It is giving beyond being motivated by compassion.  It is giving to bless, to prosper, and to support preventative initiative not only corrective ones.  This kind of giving reduces the need for giving into very urgent situations.

The Holy Spirit is not unpredictable except to our own set timings.  All God does has a divine pattern.  When we take time and interest, we will learn the ways and manners of the Holy Spirit and respond accordingly.

Times and situations may come and go but truth does not age or change.  Truth is sourced in the Holy Spirit and therefore inherently contains eternal qualities [2 Tim. 3:16].  It is profitable in every era.

Some read history, others make it.  Some wait for the right atmosphere, others create it.  Some love to see miracles, while others produce them.  Some talk faith, others live it.

All you do at this point, and all you need to do, is just position yourself in the presence of God.

It is not wise to expose your faith ventures while they are still in their infancy stage.  Not everyone has the same level of faith.  

Your condition will adjust to your confession.  Do not adjust your language to your situation.  You speak the language of heaven, if heaven is what you want.  Let earth adjust to heaven, death to life, and defeat to victory, by the words you choose to speak.  It’s your call.

God needed someone who would respect the past but not be limited by it.

Tithing was designed by God to be responded to by faith obedience.  It is not to be understood but simply responded to.  

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