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Liberating Planet Earth
By Gary North

Liberating Planet Earth is the first book in the BluePrint Series.  This series, by various Christian Authors, looks at how to implement the Word of God in practical ways in our world today.  Jesus Christ is the only Way of Salvation.  Obedience to the Word of God is the only way of bringing the effects of the Kingdom of God into our world.  This series should be read by every serious Christian intent on changing this world, loved by God, for the glory of Jesus Christ and the benefit of His Bride.

Digital Verison is available for Free on Gary North's Free Books site.

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Jesus Christ is man’s only savior. Man must live under God’s law order in order to live freely and happily, but the law order cannot save man, nor will that law order long survive, if there be not a sizable body of believers whose life is the law of God.

Marxism is the most consistent and powerful secular religion of all time; it can only be successfully challenged by an even more consistent and more powerful Biblical religion.

This Christianity presents a comprehensive challenge to the modern world, and it also offers comprehensive solutions to complex problems of our day.

This war will not end until either Christianity perishes - and it will never perish - or Marxism perishes.

Biblical liberation begins with liberation from sin in the life of each God-redeemed (bought-back) individual. Liberation does not end here, but it must begin here.

But first, the kingdoms of this world must be steadily transformed into the kingdom of Christ.

But it is through the work of His faithful people on earth that this historical transfer of kingdom ownership to Christ is to be made manifest in history.

He has already in principle transferred this authority to His people. They are to exercise this God-given authority progressively in history.

Your nation has meaning, and so does mine, but only in terms of this battle. This battle defines every event, every blade of grass, every birth and death.

Gehenna was the garbage dump outside of Jerusalem.

The bondage of heart, soul, and mind is where all bondage begins.

It is time to proclaim Christ, the liberator of the earth, and Christ the liberator of the nations, for it is Christ, and Christ alone, who liberates the individual from captivity to sin. It is the only liberation worth dying for, because it is the only liberation that gives true life.

The primary arena for today’s battle is the earth.

The great battlefield is the human heart.

Either God’s law rules everything, and promises to bring all things under His righteous judgment, or else God’s claim of being God is a lie.

The Bible begins with the identification of God as the absolute Creator. Since He created the earth, He is the original owner.

God’s assignment to man to exercise dominion across the face of the earth is still in force. So Satan has to exercise power through his men. He and his fallen angelic host can scare men, temp men, confuse men, and even disrupt the decisions of God-hating men, but they cannot run society directly. God is in charge, waiting for His people to challenge the rulers of the earth and take the steering wheel from them.

It is through the Holy Spirit that He exercises His power. It is His goal that His earthly followers eventually exercise authority over the earth in His name, by His revealed Word, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The way to regain the ground we have lost is by becoming knowledgeable and involved in the ordering of earth’s governments, including civil government.

Therefore, any authority or power that man possesses is always ethically held. He serves one of two masters. But he always serves.

Then how is the earth to be liberated from the power of Satan? Only through the renewal of men’s characters and the resulting transfer of authority to God’s people.

Satan in principle lost his Adam-given authority the day Christ died. Christians re-inherited it in principle the day Christ rose from the dead.

When they are in dedicated obedience to Him, He does not deliver them into bondage in the first place.

The commandments are the foundation of righteous living. The whole of Old Testament law serves as a series of case-law applications of the ten.

Thus, the God of liberation is simultaneously the law-giver. The close association of Biblical law and human freedom is grounded in the very character of God.

The guarantor of the reliability of law is a personal Being who delivers His people from those who defy His law.

To abandon faith in the reliability of God’s law is to abandon faith in what the Bible proclaims as the only basis of liberation.

It is never a question of “bondage vs. no bondage.” It is always a question of bondage to whom.

But He wants men to worship Him because He is righteous, not simply because He has power. Satan, in contrast, wants men to worship power rather than God, for he has no righteousness

Those who believe in power religion have refused to see that long-term wealth in any society is the product of ethical conformity to God’s law.

Seeing that the exercise of autonomous power is a snare and a delusion, the proponents of escapist religion have sought to insulate themselves from the general culture - a culture maintained by power.

Dominion religion recognizes the relationship between righteousness and authority, between covenantal faithfulness and covenantal blessings.

The process of progressive dominion is a function of progressive moral sanctification

We are to seek to conform ourselves ethically to God; then freedom shall be added unto us. We are to seek first things first.

Biblical religion is covenantal religion.

The Bible teaches that there are four covenants: personal, familial, ecclesiastical, and civil.

Only three institutions possess the God-ordained right to impose binding oaths before God: family, church, and state.

The King of creation comes before men and demands that they submit to Him.

Thus, God constructs a bottom-up hierarchy. He deals with each person individually.

Men are to make their own mistakes and successes. Each man is to work out his salvation (or damnation) in fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12). Other men are to sit in judgment over him only when he commits public evil.

They can leave their fellow men alone, so long as God’s institutional laws are obeyed in public.

The union between covenant-keepers and their God is an ethical union.

Dominion is based on adherence to the law of God - by Christ, perfectly and definitively, and by men, subordinately and progressively.

The essence of maturity is man’s ability to render God-honoring judgment.

When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, they were eating a communion meal with the devil.

God uses a chain of command in history, but He does not need one.

Satan is the original evolutionist. He has always sought power unrestricted by law. All humanist systems preach relativism. There are no fixed moral laws, or any other laws.

God always cuts short the kingdoms of evil.

God’s people become future-oriented.

Dominion is by covenant. So is power.

Redeemed men are to begin to transform the world around them by their good works.

God is not an environment determinist. He blames sinners for their sin.

The emphasis is on increasing that extent of individual decision-making, in contrast to bureaucracy’s system of reducing the zones of freedom. God’s hierarchy is a bottom-up system, an appeals court.

This means that government is to serve as a sort of appeals court.

So we see in all satanic administrations an attempt to substitute massive bureaucracy for self-government.

Thus, when the Christian thinks “government,” he should instantly think, “self-government under God’s law.”

The only way to sustain God’s cultural blessings is through the spread of the soul-saving gospel of Christ, person by person.

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